Actually decided to start doing this early this time, and with enough time to do one a day and get them all done a few days early. So it’s 10pm, and it’s time for some Bebop.

This episode starts off with Faye receiving a delivery, but running away without touching it for a reason that was unexplained and will probably end up being the plot of the episode. Jet’s thinking about running tests on the package to make sure it isn’t deadly but Spike decides to open it immediately and finds a BETA inside. I didn’t realize the future still used BETA, being that I have DVD’s no less than 12 feet away from me. I’m not a big fan of this future, where technology moves backwards. Without looking at the BETA itself, they find out that the package has been sent all around the entire universe from company to company, all of them resending it.  They end up going to an antique salesmen and it turns out that they don’t actually use BETA and it is a relic. So I was wrong, this is the future, what a wonderful future it is.  The antique owner begins to play the cassette and when it begins to fail, Spike starts kicking the cassette player and breaks it, so now I won’t know what’s on it, but from what we did see it was probably Faye on it. Stupid plot devices, I just want to know what’s on the tape.

Jet and Spike go back to Earth to find an underground museum (because all of earth’s people went underground) to get the only other BETA player available but when they get there they take a VHS player instead and end up with nothing. However, while they were there I began to think why the director chose to have Earth entirely destroyed. The few seconds where Earths landscape was totally visible showed an entirely inhabitable land covered in debris and general garbage. I’m not sure if he was trying to say something, especially with the fact being that every single planet has the same human race on it and that no one seems to care at all that Earth is entirely destroyed. Plus there was that one planet that was made entirely of space debris. It seems like a message that’s obvious once it’s looked at, but I wonder if there’s more to it. In any case, after returning to the bebop and going to another planet they get another package, this one with a BETA player inside. Finally I’ll get to know what’s on this tape.

Well s***. 5/5. The tape turned out to be a message from Faye’s younger self to her future self,  and while the tape itself wasn’t much it showed an entirely different Faye, a younger more innocent one that had no idea what she would become. The real sadness of the video comes when Faye’s younger self says “I’ll always be with you” contrary to the fact that Faye doesn’t remember anything about herself, from before she woke up from her cryogenic freezing. This was probably the only time in the entire show that Faye actually seemed like a likeable character that could be sympathized with, and while watching it I kind of thought of myself, and how if I had made something like this for myself even 5 years prior I’d find someone that was nothing like me now. This was a great episode.


Chase Harper’s case is one that, I thought, you’d have to be absolutely blind to justice to be unable to make the obvious decision that what he did was not in any way wrong. The school decided to force it upon everyone to have a day of silence in which they would all have to silently agree to support homosexuality, and you can’t force your ideas on everyone even if they will cause sunshine and rainbows throughout the world. Chase didn’t agree with it, and it’s his right to speak against it as long as he is not supporting or legitimizing the use of violence towards the thing he’s against, all he did was put on his shirt that he was against it and his reason for being against it, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. A student should be allowed to wear whatever they want to school, as long as it is not calling for violence or is considered offensive by someone and that person who considers it offensive speaks out against it. In college though, a person should have no limit as to what they wear, unless it calls for violence (like a Nazi symbol, or a shirt supporting the KKK).

I don’t think a high school is a marketplace for ideas though, and the school shouldn’t be pushing ideas on its students either. It should be just informing them of ideas and allowing them to choose what’s right and wrong, and anyone should be allowed to wear anything as long as it isn’t overly sexual or distracting, or offensive.

Chase should’ve received no punishment at all. The high school forced their ideas upon him, and he spoke out against an idea he didn’t agree with. No discipline should’ve been administered even if someone had decided to say it was offensive.  I think that a T-shirt incites’ just as much as words do, it’s the idea that whichever form is expressing that incites people.

If I was a teacher, I wouldn’t have done anything and would’ve instead honored his first amendment right to speak his mind. If I was a student, and I was offended, I would’ve pointed that out and had some action taken, otherwise I wouldn’t have done a thing. If I was a jury member, I’d do the same thing that I would if I was a teacher, consider him not guilty of anything and say that he has a right under the first amendment to say it.

“I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write”

– Voltaire (although it’s debated if he was the one who actually said it, I’m going to go with this as his quote as it was originally thought it was)

Episode starts with the Bebop crew arguing about who ate the emergency rations, being that there is no other food left in the entire ship. They are waiting for the inertia of their ship to take them to their destination, being that they are out of fuel, but they are suddenly hit by another ship that takes them out of their original path and instead forces them to crash onto a different planet.

It turns out Faye was the one that ate the rations because they find out that the box was one year past expiration and Faye now has a terrible stomach ache. Spike and Jet decide they are going to go try to fix the ship, and tell Ed to go out and get them some food, in an entirely abandoned and empty desert.

Ed and Ein find a small shack selling Watermelons for 1000 each, but they have no money with them. Suddenly a black woman with an afro that reaches all the way to 1970, comes by and buys a melon. She also gives the owner of the shack a small picture with a number on it asking that if the guy see’s him, to call her. Meanwhile, before she drives off, Ed and Ein jump into her trunk, and that totally reminded me of Speed Racer.

The woman stops at a gas station, and gets searched by two cops telling her that they are looking for someone selling mushrooms and has just come into the city. When they open her trunk, they find Ed and Ein sleeping and arrest her, but Ed and Ein just leave slowly and go into the city while she’s being arrested. They enter the city and find the man that the woman was looking for and start running around him calling him a meanie, when suddenly another man comes out of nowhere and starts yelling at the guy about how he sold him some bad mushrooms and his brother died because of it. He pulls out a gun, and the mushroom dealer runs away- dropping mushrooms while running. Ein eats one of the mushrooms and starts tripping. Well, this episode isn’t being very serious at all, so far it’s all joking and it seems like it’s set in the 1960’s/1970’s rather than the 1920 setting that its usually in, and I’m kind of liking that.

Ed and Ein take all the mushrooms, find an empty tent/table in the desert, and put a single mushroom on it. Each one of the members of the Bebop come by and each eat a single mushroom, while Ed and Ein watch to see what happens, but nothing starts happening until they are all back on the ship and the mushrooms kick in. Faye starts staring blankly into the toilet in the bathroom, while Spike hallucinates climbing an endless staircase, and Jet starts talking to all of his bonsai trees. Everyone except Ed is tripping.

Spike keeps climbing the staircase and he begins to hallucinate that a frog is telling him that it’s a stairway to heaven. In the real world, Ed and Ein are watching Spike as he is climbing the 9 step staircase, and it turns out that all he’s doing is just picking up his foot and putting it back down while standing on the same exact step.

Meanwhile, Faye is hallucinating that she’s the size of an ant in the bathroom and that the toilet has overflowed and she’s surrounded by fish.

But in the real world, Ed and Ein are watching as Faye just stands in the bathroom pretending to swim.

Ed and Ein, being the only two members of the crew that are sober, are watching TV and see the bounty hunter show come on. On it, they show the man who they with the mushrooms and he has a big reward on his head, and Ed decides their going to go catch him. It’s the first time I’ve seen Ed do any actual bounty hunter work since she’s joined the crew, up to now all she’s done is playfully mess around.

Ed and Ein start driving through and out of the town, meanwhile they’re seen by the woman whose car they jumped into and the man who was previously yelling and shooting at Domino, both of whom decide to follow Ed and Ein. On the outskirts of the town, Ed and Ein find the same ship that crashed into the Bebop out in space, and inside we see Domino growing his mushrooms. The story is pretty uninteresting, but god damn is Ed entertaining to watch.

They end up all chasing after Domino, and Domino ends up getting on a train and being caught by Ed when a cow blocking the road stops the train. Ein comes up the the cow and barks at it, which get’s translated into the show as “Thank You” and the cow moo’s back and gets translated as “Oh, its no problem.” Ed however, having no clue what she is doing, takes the mushrooms instead of Domino, after Domino convinces her that each mushroom is worth 100,000 each.

Turns out the mushrooms that Ed got were just regular Shitake Mushrooms instead, and now the Bebop crew has enough Mushrooms to eat for a month, and that’s the end of the episode.

4/5 for this one, it had a fun story, was very entertaining, and was actually really funny. Even the small bits of action were funny, this entire episode was great, but it just wasn’t the best. I wish I could say more about it, but I don’t know what else can be said. Ed’s character makes any scene she’s in entertaining, as I’ve already said before, and it was no different here. I can’t decide who I like more anymore, Ed or Spike. Spike’s got the entire that entire cool, laid back, kick-ass factor about him, but Ed is just funny. Too funny, too fun, too childlike.

How exciting, this episode starts with two men and a bunch of corpses surrounding them, one of them supposedly having killed all of them. Well I’m going to take a guess that these two are our villains.

Meanwhile, Faye is yelling at Jet about fixing the shower- which he chooses to somewhat ignore. He tells her he’ll fix it later, and then gets a call from someone named Fad and gets surprised. The last episode was about Faye’s background, I hope to god that this one’s about Jet.

Back to the ship where the corpses were, we find out that it’s a prison transport ship and the prisoners have risen up and killed everyone on board. One of the men holds a gun to their only hostages head but when the hostage get’s talkative he kills him. In return, the same guy who killed all the men in the earlier scene kills the guy who killed the hostage for being reckless. Lots of killing going on, I like it. There hasn’t been good action for over 6-7 episodes, now they’re finally bringing back the fighting, and it turns out the guy who’s giving out all the killings is an assassin from some sort of syndicate, and his name is Whodi.

Jet goes to meet with his friend Fad, who use to work in the ISSP with him. They talk about the prison ship riot and when Fad mentions Whodi, Jet tells him it’s a stupid idea to go after the ship, but Fad responds to him saying that if Whodi get’s free after what he’s done, is his “missing arm going to be worth it?” I’m excited already, I’m just hoping that they flashback to how he lost it because this episode is either trying really hard to make it obvious that they’re going to show it, or it’s trying really hard to aggravate the viewer.

They’re just teasing me now. They cut to a flashback of Jet and Fad chasing after Whodi, and when Jet catches him- he finds that he’s been set up as soon as a large spotlight shines directly on him. The flashback ends there. I want to know where exactly he lost his arm already, this is killing me.

On the prison ship, an awesome scene occurs where all the police ships come up to the prisoner carrier, and after the carrier releases the emergency escape pod containing a ton of explosives, they begin to fire at everyone and destroy most, if not all, of the police ships. Cooler to watch than to say.

Jet and Fad begin to close in on the carrier, but they’re spotted because Jet decides to rush in and try to infiltrate the ship. A pretty cool space fight occurs here, and after Jet’s ship gets badly damaged he decides to use an escape pod to immediately reach the carrier.

As Jet enters the ship, Whodi and the one remaining prisoner are watching him through the cameras, but Whodi tells the other guy that Jet is his target. The other guy goes off to try and reach the escape pod, but upon opening the door to it, he’s sucked into space because a giant hole has taken the place of the escape pod room.


Jet finds Whodi and the two of them begin fighting, Jet’s mechanical arm saves him from a direct shot to the head, and then he begins to bash in Whodi, but Whodi stabs Jet in the leg and begins talking. Turns out, it was Jet’s partner Fad who had shot Jet and was the cause of his lost arm. Fad was on the payroll for the same syndicate as Whodi, and when they went after Whodi, Jet and Fad split and up Fad would end up shooting Jet, all as planned. As soon as Whodi’s story is over though, Fad comes out of nowhere and shoots him directly in the head.

Jet questions Fad why he did it, and Fad replies telling him that Jet had too many ideals, and that because he was too stubborn and focused on being a good cop and wouldn’t play the syndicate’s game, he had to be either removed from the ISSP or killed. Immediately after this short story, Fad points the gun at Jet, but Jet shoots Fad first, killing him there in the ship.

Well I was expecting a better, more in-depth story about how Jet lost his arm but that, apparently, was not what I was going to get.

For this episode, I’m giving a 3.5/5. The action that was missing for so long was finally brought back, but as interesting as the story given was; it was entirely lacking entertainment. I was bored at the slow pace this episode was taking, going one step at a time unlike Faye’s story that was quick and to the point. I mean, I love Jet as a character and all of his father-like dopiness but none of that was visible here. The entire time he was completely serious, and when he’s serious he’s just not entertaining to watch. Soundtrack was also lacking, and the constant dark rooms and dark atmosphere made watching this episode seem all gloomy and even less exciting than it actually was.

It’s getting really late now, but the darkness is perfect for watching another episode of Cowboy Bebop.

Episode starts with Jet and Ed talking about some new bounty that Jet’s going to have to go after, some small crook. Unfortunately Jet’s not getting any good bounty deals and since they still live in a universe in which money is still the only god that everyone can agree on; he’s going to have to take what he can get. Meanwhile, Faye is asleep in the other room and is awoken by Ein. She says that Ein reminds him of someone from her past and asks if Ein wants to hear about it. I, in real life, say out loud at this point: “Yes. Yes I want to hear about it. I’m watching a story about four people whom I know nothing about, hell yes I want to hear about it.” Ein yawns in her face, begins to lie down and she starts telling.

In the next scene, we see two doctors unfreezing a patient, who upon awakening can’t remember anything and is in a large amount of debt.

Awesome, another episode full of back-story.

We’re getting an insight into Faye’s past, and apparently she was the woman that was unfrozen. At the age of 20, she was involved in an accident that medical technology couldn’t rescue her from at the time. She was awoken 54 years later, still at the age of 20, and now had a lot of medical bills to pay plus she had Amnesia. To bring a case up against the hospital she was given the lawyer Whitney Haagus Motzomoto, whom she mentioned was the person that Ein reminded her of.

Faye had decided to attempt to run away from the hospital, due to her inability to pay 300 million, which is honestly unfair. You take a person that’s near death, freeze them for 50 years because you couldn’t save them, then unfreeze them and expect them to pay. I doubt that Faye had the ability to, at the time of her accident, actually make the decision of whether or not she wanted to be frozen- so why is it up to her to pay for everything? That really bothers me. For the first time, I’m actually seriously bothered rather than jokingly bothered. Anyway, Whitney goes after Faye and tells her he’s going to help her make the payments and gets her back to the hospital.

The two end up instead going around the city, for what seems like a few days. Meanwhile, an awful terrible song plays in the background of a short montage of Faye and Whitney dancing, eating, and doing other date-like things. However, while driving to the city, Faye and Whitney are chased down by a debt collector aircraft, and Whitney instructs Faye to leave the car and run to the hospital, and that he’ll be quick to follow. However, Whitney’s car ends up getting blown up. Faye returns to the hospital though, to find that Whitney had changed his will so that in case of his death all of his assets were to be transferred to Faye. Problem for Faye was that it was all debt.

Faye finishes telling her story to Ein, and it turns out that Spike was nearby and heard the whole thing. Faye asks spike in a mean tone “How long were you waiting there?” and Spike gives the most awesome reply ever: “Too long, your story needs editing.”

Jet arrives back from his bounty hunt with the small-time convict, and Faye recognizes him (here comes the twist) and it turns out its Whitney.

Faye decides to speak privately to Whitney, who tells her that after the accident he had fat implanted into his body in order to start a new identity, free of debt. Sounds somewhat low-life-like to me, taking a girl who already owns 300 million and giving her even more debt to take care of. Either way, the police spaceship comes to get ready to take Whitney away, and who’s inside the ship? The two doctors from the hospital, ready to take Whitney. However, Faye decides to help Whitney escape instead.

Faye and Whitney get into Faye’s ship and attempt to escape. Spike, however, decides to go chase her down and they have a short aerial fight, which was entirely lackluster. After the fight ends, Faye begins to question Whitney about her past, when suddenly the doctor’s tune into her ship’s frequency and tell her that no one knows who she is. When the earth astral gate was destroyed all of her information disappeared, and that’s all we find out about Faye. After giving away this information, we learn that the doctors had actually stolen the police ship and begin to escape from the actual police, at which point Faye decides to hand over Whitney and get her bounty.

3.5/5. This episode went by way too quickly and didn’t even give me a lot to write about.  It also completely disappointed me by not having ANY information on Faye’s past from before she was frozen. As far as story goes, this episode was weak but on the other hand it was entertaining. Spike had quite a few great one-liners and while the action was completely lacking (yet again) it still held my attention throughout the entire episode. The soundtrack was extremely weak though, the weakest it’s been since Heavy Metal Queen. It was interesting though to find out a little bit about Faye’s background, even though I’m still entirely disappointed that there was no more. I did enjoy watching this episode, and was definitely interested in it but the (almost lazy) way that Faye’s background just goes untold is just disheartening.

11:00 pm on a Saturday and I’m going to watch Cowboy Bebop. I’m a loser. OH WELL.

Well this episode started off awesomely. Faye, Jet, and Spike all go into some city, and all catch different crooks, Spike beats some business man up, Faye poisons some crook, and Jet uses a net to catch a gang of kids. Turns out though, all the criminals they caught were small-time and had no bounty on them. However, upon returning to the bebop completely demoralized, Ed asks them if they picked up any clues. All three of them take a King chess piece out.

The bebop crew is watching TV, and the galaxy-wide bounty hunter show is on. According to the show the groups of people caught by the bebop were just pawns in a bigger scam, and that only catching the mastermind will give bounty, at which point, Spike quickly kicks the TV and breaks it. I missed Spike’s cool factor. I swear I’m gaining a man-crush on this handsome devil… I mean just devil.

Jet is trying to figure out how they can catch the mastermind, when Faye tells him that one of the criminals she caught said he was just following orders from a mail-order manual and hands over a flyer for the manual. Unfortunately, the site that sold the manual disappeared and had no physical address. Spike interjects by saying that the person who was running the scam had to be at one point involved with the gate system company, being that the process the scammers were using was so complicated that only someone with inside information would know it. All of this is comically interrupted by Ed, who gets herself electrocuted while trying to rewire something. Faye looks over at Ed (and this had me laughing for some damn reason that I can’t recall) and asks “You dead?”

The crew begins to examine their individual chess pieces after Ed suddenly gets back and begins working again. She gets Jet to give her one of the pieces, and finds that each one is a data chip that allows you to connect to the internet and play Chess against an opponent, according to Ed though it has nothing at all to do with the case at the astral gates. However, after Ed begins playing- we see a different scene where some old man is sitting in the dark, and he has a virtual chess board in front of him as well. Well, I don’t want to sound overly confident or count my chickens early (I totally just used that phrase) but I’m pretty sure this guy is our villain. This episode’s doing a great job so far, entirely interesting, soundtrack’s doing well. So far it’s holding up for a 5/5.

Jet goes to the CEO of the gate company, and upon entering, he lights a cigarette and immediately throws it into the nearby plant. He questions the CEO about the case, saying that he’s under the suspicion there is no mastermind and that someone in the company is doing the scamming themselves and the mastermind is a cover-up. He gets no response though. However, he leaves the chess piece behind. The cigarette of course had a hidden microphone inside and Jet finds out through it that someone that the CEO refers to as “Chess Master Hex” is responsible, and that he has just recently returned after 50 years of being absolutely gone. While this is all occurring, Ed is still playing against his virtual opponent, whom I still suspect to be our villain.

I totally called it; the old chess guy our villain. He’s Chess Master Hex, and he was dubbed a genius in his teens and went to work for major science corporations that would later develop the astral gates that the entire universe uses. However, he was fired and after being fired he had completely disappeared. This episode is great. I love this episode. So far this episode is contending with Ballad of Fallen Angels as my favorite episode. Everything is so perfect thus far, the soundtrack is smooth and fitting, each scene minimal and to the point, the plot is simple and interesting, and most of all- Ed is fun to watch. Again, she just does random yelling and randomly says stupid things, even plays chess with her feet.

Using the chess game that Ed was playing, they track Hex to a planet made of scrap metal where there is no laws, no police, no taxes, nothing, only drifters and homeless people living there, as well as criminals. The crew goes towards the planet with Spike leading the group. Jet tells Spike to be careful and he replies in a cool, calm tone: “Whatever happens, happens.” As the crew enters the planet of scrap, Jet finds that he is being followed by another bounty hunter who apparently has a score to settle with the man they’re after. Inside the planet though, Faye and Spike are looking for Hex and having trouble finding anything. However, the scene in the following picture kind of made me laugh.

Spike and Faye are finding nothing but floating animals and floating bums around the floating scrap planet. We’re cut randomly to scenes of Ed and Hex playing chess against each other, both of them laughing and having way more fun than I’ve ever seen anyone playing chess have, and I have a problem with that. These two people are seriously enjoying this chess game too much, their laughing and guffawing and it almost seems like they are acting like two 13 year old girls talking about the new twilight movie.

Spike and Faye do however find Hex, but at the same time the bounty hunter that had followed him finds him too. They all point their guns at him, and his only response is “Hey could you kids be a little quieter, I’m trying to play a game here.” Unfortunately though, the old man has gone completely senile. As the bounty hunter begins yelling for him to give back his money, the old man asks him what’s the purpose of the long pipe the hunter is carrying, while being completely oblivious that there is a grenade launcher pointing at his head. After realizing that Hex is out of his mind and can no longer help anyone do anything, the bounty hunter starts randomly shooting his grenades before Spike punches him and stops him from blowing everyone up.

Time quickly skips forward, and Jet is back at the CEO’s office, telling them what happened. Hex had originally planned for his scam to expose the defects built into the astral gate. However, he had planned for it to begin 50 years after his firing. In 50 years though, he aged and became senile and forgot all about it- but the scam still went forward. However, in return for not telling the press about the defects in the astral gate, Jet asks for a bribe. The bribe is to leave Hex alone and call off the bounties, and the reason he gives is a very sweet one, “We wouldn’t want Ed to lose her favorite chess partner.” In the next scene, we see Ed playing chess, as Faye passes by and sarcastically asks “you’re playing AGAIN?” to which Ed replies, “Not again, still playing.” A week’s time has passed since the start of this game, and they are still playing the same one they were playing when Ed first used the chess piece. Hex defeats Ed however, and afterwards leans back, and calmly dies. A fitting end to this episode.

This episode get’s the 5/5 it deserves. Even with action lacking, this episode had a story was that fun to watch unfold and was humorous at the same time. It was just a fun episode and it even had some strange adorable factor about it, as it was focused around a game of chess between a young girl and an old man. This episode was had a completely linear story, and a very simple one that was blunt and entertaining, and the fact is if I’m entirely entertained then regardless of the complexity or what it’s lacking, it served the purpose it was meant to accomplish and that was to entertain the viewer, and this episode did just that and did it well.

So leaving off from the last episode, Spike is on the ground after being shot and Faye has just found that her friend Gren is working with Vicious. We begin with Gren telling Faye his/her story. I think I’m just going to go with her. Yeah, her story. Her and Vicious use to work together on the planet Titan, which I know is one of Jupiter’s moons.

Make that HIS story, turns out that after he returned from the war on Titan with Vicious, he was sent to prison under the suspicion of being a spy, and supposedly it was Vicious who had testified against him. After getting out, he started to go crazy and was given an experimental drug that messed with his hormones turning him into what people like me on the internet would call a trap. A man with estrogen hormones who has a female body but has the male organ. Gren agreed to make the deal with Vicious because he wanted to know whether or not Vicious really framed him.

Back where Jet is, Jet is looking for Faye and while finding little information about her, he finds out a little about Julia, specifically that she had been there two years earlier. Immediately after, we’re cut back to the scene from the first episode where Spike dropped a rose into a puddle, and it’s another flashback.

The flashback didn’t explain anything, just a bunch of random snippets of dialogue and past scenes, but at least we know Spike is still alive. Spike wakes up with a raven looking right at him, and puts a cigarette in his mouth. He searches for the bullet wound and finds that instead of a bullet he was hit with a tranquilizer, and in comedic fashion says “They’re mocking me.”

Jet finds the building he’s looking for and after breaking into Gren’s apartment, finds Faye handcuffed and sleeping. When Faye mentions Gren’s name Jet replies “Gren again.” I’m not sure if I’m supposed to find that as weird as I think it sounds, because as far as I know, Jet has yet to meet Gren or have anything to do with Gren, so him saying “Gren again” seems very strange. Unless he has something in his past that has to do with Gren. Jet calls Spike telling him about the bounty on Gren’s head, and tells him that if he manages to catch Gren, he’ll let Spike back on the bebop team.

Vicious calls Gren and tells him to meet him on the tallest building in the city, and Gren tells him he’s going to send a woman up there instead of himself. The woman turns out to actually be himself, but Vicious doesn’t know until the deal is done, at which point- after making it clear that it was Gren making the deal and not just a woman, he kicks back the suitcase that Vicious gives to him and shoots it until it explodes, it apparently contained a bomb inside and Gren was fully aware of it. Spike sees the explosion and begins to fly towards it.

Gren tells Vicious that the music box that Vicious gave him during the war contained a solar transmitter, but the show fails to explain what it does or what it is. All they say is that this Julia character was the one that found it. Suddenly, Gren begins shooting at Vicious and Lynn jumps in front of Vicious and gets killed instead. At the same time, Spike fly’s over the building and begins to fire at them, at which point Gren and Vicious both get into their own ships and it’s an aerial battle against Vicious, who’s right wing suddenly explodes at the end of a short flashback. It looked pretty good, however this scene seemed somewhat lacking in action, especially since it was the only scene in the episode that had any, and I’d expect a little more for three way aerial combat.

After Vicious’s ship goes down, Gren’s ship does too, however Gren is not in good condition. Spike goes to help him, but finds that he is going to die from an internal injury. Gren, rather than waiting for an ambulance to come, tells Spike he’d rather just get in his ship and try to fly to Titan, just to see it one last time. Spike decides to help him into his ship. Spike returns to the bebop empty-handed, but Jet allows him in. There is no telling what has happened to Vicious, but I have a feeling he’s probably still alive.

This episode gets a 4/5. I guess I was hoping for better. It didn’t really explain much of the back-story to Spike, in fact all it did was bring up Julia, and show that whoever Julia is, she has a lot of power over him. The episode did however have a great soundtrack, especially the ending song which was a mix of some kind of African tribal chant and jazz. It reminded me of something off Panda Bear’s “Person Pitch”, but not too much. The episode lacked a lot of action, and but it kept my interest throughout. I still don’t fully understand why Jet said “Gren again?” I’m thinking though that the reason I gave this a 4 rather than something higher was because I had hyped it up for myself. I was expecting an episode that would be spectacular, similar to ballad of fallen angels where Vicious made his first appearance, but I was wrong. This episode ended rather strangely though, it actually rolled credits before showing the “See you space cowboy”, and had a different, much stranger, message at the end in its place.

Back from work and its 10:30pm, and god do I want to watch some Bebop. I hope to god this is a good episode, or else I’m going to throw my hands up in the air go “pfffffffffft” and then sit here and deal with it.

The episode has started and it’s already showing promise to be amazing because Vicious is back. Vicious is talking to a group of elders about helping out a man on Calysto. He is being accompanied by another man who is at the meeting named Lynn. I’m so certain that this episode is going to have to do with Spike’s history again and the last time Vicious was in an episode, that episode was perfect. I hope this is one is going to be perfect to.

Back on the Bebop, Faye has apparently left. She left behind a note saying that she didn’t want to have anyone look for her, and even though Spike was as ecstatic about it (Although he didn’t show it), Jet somewhat ruined his celebration by telling him that she had taken all the anti-freeze from the ship, and cleaned out the safe before leaving.

They go to Ed who’s in the process of hacking to find where Faye has gone off to and instead he finds someone by the name of Julia. As soon as Spike hears that name he has a short flashback before almost attacking Ed to find more information, but Ed get’s her signal cut off. Oh yeah, this definitely has Spike’s back-story written all over it.

After getting cut off, Spike runs off to go find this Julia character while Jet follows him trying to convince him otherwise. Jet wants Spike to help him look for Faye so they can get the money back, but Spike isn’t planning to and ends up just leaving, but not before the two argue and Jet basically kicks Spike off the bebop team. Immediately after we’re cut to a short scene where Faye is in some kind of gloomy jazz bar, looking almost entirely depressed and drinking down liquor. I could go for some liquor right now. A vodka tonic sounds pretty good to me.

Spike is on the ground of the same planet as Faye, and he’s looking for information on Julia, which he doesn’t have much luck with. However, back where Faye is, we find out that there are no women at all in that town. Weird. Totally weird, how can you have an entire town without women? That’s crazy. Too crazy, even for this cartoon. Meanwhile, Spike is still searching for information, but now for a man named Gren who is said to have been seen walking around with women. After asking a stranger in an alleyway for information on Gren, he is followed by several men wearing gas masks. Spike begins to run away, but after turning the corner he stops to wait for them. One of the men steps out of the group and tells him that he wants the money, and calls Spike by the name Vicious, and this makes Spike pissed. He jumps into the crowd of them and starts beating the hell out of each of them. This episode is great.

Spike beats them all up and finds out that Gren was supposed to sell Vicious some red eye, the same drug that was used in the first episode to help make the user extremely fast and strong. After this scene ends, we see Jet now on the same planet as the others, and he’s walked into a bar. He takes a seat and starts watching the television and hears about a bounty on a man named Gren, the same one that Spike was looking for, and the one that told Faye that there are no women in this town.

We’re cut to Faye who’s walking down an empty alley, but is hoping someone would follow her because she wants to beat someone up for no reason at all. She is stopped by the same men who went after Spike, and after kicking one of them in the face, Gren comes out of nowhere and hits the leader in the face with his saxophone case, which must hurt like hell. Somehow the guy manages to get right back up though, but I don’t find that realistic at all. I mean, it’s a case with a giant instrument inside, it has to hurt, I’m sure of it.

Gren takes Faye by the hand and the two of them run away successfully and go to Gren’s home. Gren in an earlier scene had told Faye that he wasn’t interested in women. Not surprising because you’d have to not be if you live in a city where none of them exist. The two talk about why Faye left the Bebop [although through a different topic] and Gren accesses from Faye’s story that she left because she was afraid of the Bebop crew leaving her, so she had to leave first. Makes sense given Faye’s character. Gren goes to take a shower; meanwhile Faye decides to look around Gren’s house. While she’s looking, someone calls and the answering machine picks up. Turns out Its Vicious, and as soon as he’s done leaving a message, Spike shows up at Vicious’s location and asks “Are you seeing Julia behind my back?”

Back at Gren’s apartment, Faye goes into the bathroom with her gun, and points it at Gren who’s still in the shower to find that it’s actually a woman. Or a hermaphrodite/transvestite. I don’t know, it’s really unexplained, and it doesn’t help that she asks Gren “Which one are you?” and Gren responds with “I am both and neither at once.” Meanwhile, Spike is pointing a gun at Vicious, but Lynn comes in front of Vicious and points a gun back at Spike, we find out from one single line that Lynn use to work for Spike, but we don’t find out more. Spike tries to get Lynn to move, but Lynn refuses and shoots Spike, then they both leave with Spike down on the ground.

I give this episode a 4/5. It’s apparently a two part episode, so I’m expecting the second part to be perfect and answer everything, but this episode was somewhat lacking. I can’t really say what it was lacking exactly, even though I’m trying to figure it out, but what it did have was great. It had a great story, good dialogue, and if I had to wait an actual week to watch the second part of this episode I’d be in suspense for an entire week, however luckily for me I have all the episodes here, and the reason I’m not so worried about Spike’s possible death from the gunshot is because I know there is over ten more episodes of this show left and that Spike’s definitely going to be alive in at least one of them. One thing it was missing though, although it wasn’t what I feel was majorly missing, was soundtrack. There was nothing memorable in this episodes music, not a single thing. I am so doing part two of this episode right now though. Actually, I think what was missing was the actual back-story I’m so looking forward to finding out. While some new questions were asked in this episode, no answers were given and all I can do now is hope that the next one answers them. I want to know who Julia is damn it.

2 down, 7 more to go. I proved to myself last time I couldn’t manage time properly when I had to do 4 episodes in one day, and now I have 2 ½ days to do 9 episodes. Terrible, terrible choice.

A very creepy introduction, just something shuffling along and sniffing around in complete darkness, not at all weird. Actually I’m lying, it was weird.

Jet’s writing a journal entry and he explains what that a bounty hunter is basically just someone who is self-employed. When there’s no work, you no one’s around to help the bounty hunters, so they start looking for ways to make quick cash. Immediately after, we see Faye and Jet gambling with each other for money, and Jet losing everything. Almost comically-like, but not in the funny way that makes you laugh, more like the funny way in Greek plays. You know, the way that isn’t really funny at all but whoever’s teaching you the play will try and make funny, but it’s still not going to be funny because the humor is so prehistoric there’s nothing really funny about what’s happening. That kind of funny but not funny at all.

Jet seems to be narrating this episode, and in the next scene we hear him saying that man was meant to sweat to make a living, and those who tried to live otherwise would receive divine retribution.It’s a lesson we learned before, but we as people forget it easily. We see Jet enter a storage room, where he finds a refrigerator and has no idea what it’s doing there. We also are randomly shuffled into a similar scene as the introduction, it seems like we’re following some kind of mouse through the pipes of the Bebop. Kind of creepy.

Or Jet isn’t narrating everything, it seems that its going from character to character letting each one narrate a bit of what’s happening, each one explaining their own ideas. Faye’s narrating now and she’s saying that life is about either deceiving or being deceived, nothing good ever came out of trusting others for her and the only way she’ll stay ahead is by deceiving everyone else. Suddenly the alarm rings and her and Spike rush to Jet who’s in the storage room. He’s on the floor saying something bit him, but they all believe it’s just a mouse and leave. I’m guessing that’s the plot for this episode. Pretty slow so far.

Jet tries to get some medicine from Spike because the wounds making him feel sick, and as Spike is giving him it (a dead lizard, boiled and mixed with other awful sounding things), Jet passes out. The wound on his neck has turned big and is glowing almost, well things are getting interesting now.

The entire crew is trying to figure out what it is that Jet is infected with. Spike thinks its from a mutated rat, and Ed thinks it’s an alien. I like Ed, she’s this weird funny character running around the ship acting like a little child in a funny way. During this whole scene she’s bouncing up and down the walls yelling out “spooky alien mystery” and it’s nice to have one character who actually talks whenever they want to, rather than only when they have to.

Well, Faye goes off to take a bath and from above her in the vents something is watching her, she notices that something fell from the ceiling but she doesn’t seem to care. This is either a very sloppy pervert or the mutant creature that’s about to kill the crew. Either way, Spike and Ed get thermal vision to go look after it.

Ed runs off to chase Ein with the thermal camera, while Spike uses his and finds something quickly running on the floor. Before he’s able to go chase after it, Faye stops Spike and shows that she’s been bit but not before starting this broadway play-esque rant about how she has so much to live for and how its all not fair. I swear, this better be a good looking monster. If this is just some ordinary rat looking thing then I’m going to be a little angry, I’m expecting the coolest best looking small scary creepy thing to be the culprit and I better get something that fits my expectation, as spoiled and bratty as it sounds.

Ed is walking around with her thermal vision, and she’s talking to herself just as Faye and Jet previously were. Ed’s life is basically run by this one statement which is all she really says while narrating for herself. “If you see a stranger, follow them.” I like it. Ein and Ed get separated and Ein get’s attacked by the creature. I feel worse for the dog than for the people.

Spike finds Ein, and notices the creature is still around but without knowing what it is, he isn’t planning on fighting it. Spike grabs Ein and runs out of there, which I’m sure anyone else would’ve done as well being that theres a crazy alien lifeform on your ship injecting poison into everyone’s bloodstream. After dropping Ein off, Spike grabs all the weapons he can to get ready to kill this creature.

Then, Spike sets the ship to autopilot to mars and then begins his search around the ship. Ed is still missing and after finding her thermal device, Spike thinks the creature has got her too. Spike finds the creature, and after dodging a quick blow to it, he sends out two grenades with poisonous gas to try and poison it, and then locks it in the room. Jobs done, right, not with Spike it isn’t. He wants a cigarette, but he dropped his cigarettes inside. So of course he goes back in and then runs immediately out with the creature chasing him, and we see that it is some kind of weird shapeless black blob.

Spike not only manages to dodge the blob when it jumps at him, but also shoot it with his pistol, pull out his flamethrower, and ignite it until it is dead. I don’t believe it, even for a cartoon. Spike comes up to the creature, now dead, and recognizes the way it smells. Then he begins to remember everything. Turns out a year ago he had gotten hold of a very rare lobster, and hid it in the refrigerator in the storage room so no one would find it, but he had completely forgotten about it. Spike turns off the gravity inside the ship, and takes the refrigerator to the…I don’t know how to explain it, but the room the bebop has that they can eject stuff into space from. Its apparently a huge room, and Spike is floating in it, waiting at the controls for the refrigerator to get closer to the bottom, when suddenly from the side of it the black blob attacks him and begins running up, Spike has no choice but to open the hatch before it gets back into the ship, which he does. The refrigerator flies out, but Spike is bitten and is now just floating half unconscious in that room. The blob did get back into the ship though, and it finds Ed, who apparently wasn’t bit but instead had decided to take a nap. It comes closer and closer to Ed, and Ed just grabs it and eats it. Disgusting. So what does Spike’s narrating give us as our lesson, as Faye, Jet, and Ed’s narrating did? “Don’t leave things in the fridge.”

4.5/5. It was a really great episode, it had no major story that was all important to the entire series, had barely any action, and had an entirely absent soundtrack but it was great. It was interesting for the most of it, and the ending of it was even more great by the fact that Ed said “I couldn’t eat another bite” after swallowing the blob, which earlier he said too right before the attacks began. It was just such a great episode. I wish I could explain why I thought it was so good but I really don’t think I can do much more than say that it was surprisingly entertaining. Ed is another character I like seeing, and its making this show so much better having Ed around and just doing weird wacky things for no reason at all, and a quarter of the episode was just listening to her talk about nothing and make up songs about nothing. While this wouldn’t be my favorite episode of the series, thus far it was the most entertaining.

An hour after finishing the last episode, I’m back in for the next episode. The last one really made me not want to do this, but god I am hoping that there is a better episode on the way.

This episode starts in the Bebop, where there is a scruffy looking guy tied up to a wall, and Ein (the dog) is watching barking wildly in the room with him. The guy kicks a soda can at Ein, and out of the ceiling comes Ed who’s pretending to act like a dog, and begins biting the guy who’s tied up, probably as some sort of weird revenge for Ein. I don’t know Ed’s a weird character.

Next, we move onto a scene with Jet who’s sitting at the control’s spacing out while looking at some watch, he has a short flashback where he walks into a room and the watch is on a bed with a letter with it, and some woman is walking away. Might we see more of Jet’s story this episode? God I hope so.  Anyway, the crew is on its way to Ganymead which is where Jet is supposedly from. Faye begins to bother Jet about how it’s his home, and maybe he was spacing out about some woman he left crying for him when he left or vice-versa, and Jet gets angry at her. More signs that this episode is going to have something to do with Jet’s past.

Jet started to radio the police on Ganymead to get permission to land, and it turned out that one of his old friends was the one who got the transmission. They began talking when suddenly his friend mentioned someone by the name of Lisa or something of the sort and how she has some business and owes debt; apparently she was the woman who was leaving in the flashback. Either way, I’m excited about this episode already; I’m like 100% certain this is going to be Jet’s story.

Jet goes to the bar where his friend Lisa is, and they do nothing but small-talk really. Kind of boring, but I’m on the edge of my seat anticipating the scene where Jet flashbacks into him killing everyone and then losing his arm and going home and losing his wife, that’s what I expect at the very least. Before the scene ends though, Jet puts the watch on the table and asks her if she remembers.

OH BOY, here comes the plot. So in the last scene we found that Lisa had a boyfriend named Rhint, and back at the Bebop, Spike just got a new message from the Ganymead Police saying they have a new bounty, and it has yet to be disclosed to the public. So who else would the bounty be on but Lisa’s boyfriend Rhint. Well, this episode’s looking good so far.

Spike goes off to find Jet, probably to get his help in getting Rhint, but he can’t get him to pick up his phone. Back at the bar, Jet and Lisa are talking about things, as Jet asks her why she left. She doesn’t explain it at all and I’m completely disappointed that she didn’t, damn it, I want story. She just gives Jet the watch back and tells her she has to go, and that she’s already forgotten the story of why she left.

Outside, we see Rhint sitting trying to light up a cigarette but his lighter isn’t igniting, and he’s having flashbacks. We see him and Lisa being restrained by two men, and another man talking and then Rhint breaking out of the hold, stealing a gun from one of the men and pointing and firing it at the man talking. This is the event that caused the bounty to be put on Rhint’s head, and explains why earlier when Jet told Lisa he was a bounty hunter she had a surprised and scared look on her face.

Jet has left the bar with no answer, and Rhint has gone back inside. Rhint and Lisa begin talking and they decide to immediately leave by boat, they get in and as they’re beginning to get out to sea, Spike spots them from above and begins following them. I thought it was kind of funny when he decided to say “Looks like all my good karma is finally paying off” when he saw them leaving. God, Spike’s in so little of this episode and he still makes it awesome just by showing up for a second.

Spike begins to chase after them, but they decide to go into a tunnel which Spike’s airship can’t go into, he begins to fly straight up into the air along a large skyscraper, and almost crashes into Jet’s ship. I thought this was actually a pretty cool scene, Jet dodges it and they both begin to go after Rhint, but Jet tells Spike to back off and that he’ll handle it on his own terms. Jet goes after them and hooks them with the grappling hook on his ship.

Jet breaks the engines off of the boat using the grappling hook and the boat crashes into the side of the city. Rhint and Lisa get out of the boat and Jet lands and goes after them to see if they’re alright. Upon finding them though, Lisa turns around and points the gun at Jet.

Jet begins to walk forward, and Lisa nervously begins shooting, missing all of her shots. Jet continues walking forward, slowly step by step. The best part of this is the silence. It’s completely silent other than the two of them, and it works perfectly with this scene, making it more and more dramatic with each step Jet takes forward. Jet tells her that if he doesn’t catch him, someone else will be after him as well but by then she’ll have a bounty as well for being an accomplice. Lisa drops the gun and begins talking about why she left, telling him that she left because Jet made all the decisions, he was always right and Lisa wanted to make decisions for herself even if they were wrong. Jet grabs Rhint, who’s screaming about not wanting to go to prison, and punches him. He tells him to be strong and that he’ll get through it, and the scene immediately changes to that of Police arresting Rhint. Lisa says she’ll go back to the bar and wait for him, and Jet begins to leave. However, before he goes he finds the watch in his pocket and throws it into the ocean. A fitting end for this episode.

This episode was certainly better than the last one, or maybe I’m just giving this such a good score because the last one was so boring. Once again, the soundtrack was quite dull, nothing special. Nothing amazed me. On the other hand, the story was great. This episode gave more background into Jet, and made even more certain of his role as a father-like figure to the Bebop crew. While the action was terribly lacking in this episode, the drama was high and that’s what made it good. The use of silence though, was great. Even without Spike being present for more than maybe two minutes of this episode, it showed that Jet is just as interesting of a character as Spike is. What could’ve given this a perfect score would’ve been if there were better choices for the music. 4.5/5