Final thoughts

April 12, 2010

So what did I think of the entire show?

I thought it was great. I loved it, I loved the characters, I loved the story and more than anything I loved the soundtrack. My favorite character turned out to be Ed, and not only because we share the same name.

In the end though, I have two problems with the sudden ending of the show.

For one, it was never explained how or why Jet and Spike teamed up to become bounty hunters together. I mean, it was obvious that Spike had become a bounty hunter because he expected to one day have to find Julia, but it doesn’t ever explain how the two of them became the team that they were. Also, it was left unexplained as to why Spike joined and left the syndicate to begin with, although there were slight hints at possible reasons but never a full explanation. Also, the show really should’ve touched more on the whole deal with the syndicate and Spike, I felt that they barely really gave much insight as to what Spike did with them, or what the syndicate did in general.

But, all in all, this was a great show. I’m not a huge fan of Animes, but this was definitely something better than just an Anime. It had story, it had characters that someone could actually feel something for and weren’t one dimensional and easy to guess. I’d not only recommend this to other people, but I plan on watching this entire series again for myself. Episode 20 was still my favorite and since watching it I’ve recommended that episode alone to friends who have never seen the show, some of which are now highly interested in watching it now. I remember looking up information on the show and seeing that it was receiving tons of praise and I can definitely see why. This really wasn’t some simple action cartoon made to entertain small children with small tidbits of action and give off the feeling of “cool.” This series had slight commentary about the current state of the world, the future we’re all heading towards, and people in general, specifically the way people act with each other.

I mean, one of the things I realized when the show was over was that Spike really wasn’t “the good guy.” He had been part of the same syndicate that killed people in mass amounts, he was actually an evil character who was probably hunted down and attacked constantly before deciding to spend his life on a space ship with Jet, but yet somehow you end up cheering for him even though he’s just as evil as Vicious.

Also, this was probably the most fun and best project I’ve ever had to do for any class ever. I think the only other time I had something that was this enjoyable was in 8th grade when my class had to make stuff out of legos for an entire year, but getting to watch a TV show and have someone listen to my opinion about it is just as good, if not better.


Episode 26, the final episode of the series.

Continuing from where the last episode left off, Julia is pointing a gun at Spike and begins to tell Spike that she was told by Vicious to kill him. She decides not to and they decide they are going to get away from the planet, but first Spike has something he has to do. Spike goes to Annie’s shop (The same one from episode 5) and finds her with a gunshot wound to her stomach, she dies there but not before telling Spike what has happened with Vicious and the syndicate, at which point Spike decides he can’t leave yet and is going to kill Vicious. Suddenly, syndicate gunmen burst into the store and Julia and Spike begin fighting them off. They get to the roof of the store and just as the last two gunmen are about to be shot and killed by Spike, one of them shoots Julia in the back. Julia dies on the roof of Annie’s shop. Meanwhile, Jet is trying to find where Spike went to and visits an oracle that Spike would visit, the oracle tells Jet that Spike is going to die soon.

So I just paused just as Spike is about to face off with Vicious, so I can write what’s led up to this point in the episode, and can prepare for what I’m sure is going to be an amazing end to this show.  After Julia’s death, Spike returned to the bebop only to eat some food and talk to Jet one last time. As he’s about to leave, Faye stops him and points a gun to his head and starts asking questions. She reminds him how he told her to leave the past behind and now she tells him to do the same, but Spike refuses. Spike also mentions something else, throughout the show there were occasions where people would point out that Spike had two different colored eyes. Turns out, Spike got into a huge gunfight and one of his eyes were lost in the fight. Now according to him, one eye sees the present and the other can only see the past. Spike immediately leaves and storms into the syndicate headquarters where he begins to kill everyone. Spike is now completely Rambo-ing the entire facility. Unfortunately for him though, he got shot in one of his arms just as he was almost up to Vicious, and now the two of them are about to have the final standoff of the episode, and the entire show.

What an ending. I can’t say I didn’t expect it, but there it was. To put it simply, Spike and Vicious both die. They begin to fight, Spike knocks the sword out of Vicious’s hands and Vicious makes Spike drop his gun. They both grab each other’s weapon with their feet, and they stop. Spike says “Julia’s dead, let’s end this” and both of them kick back each other’s weapon and Spike is able to immediately shoot Vicious in the chest, who falls down and dies. Spike begins walking down the staircase where a bunch of syndicate members are all watching Spike come down after killing Vicious, and he points his fingers at them and says “bang.” He proceeds to fall to the floor and die right there, but not before having a short flashback to the scene where Julia died. He remembers her saying “It’s all a dream” and then falls.

So that’s the end of the series. There are still two questions that I think were left unanswered and I kind of wish that they had at some point been brought up, but I’ll get to them in my final post. Still, the episode was amazing and although I did kind of expect Spike and Julia and Vicious to all die, the way it all came together was something worth watching. I somewhat wish there would be more to this series but unfortunately this is where it has to end. The soundtrack was lacking and again made the mistake of using modern sounding music rather than the jazz/folk/blues that fits so well with the story, but it certainly made up for that minor problem with it’s amazing action and quick pace. This final episode was longer than every other episode, but felt shorter than all of them. I kind of wish Spike didn’t die though, it seemed like he had actually won the fight without having that much damage in him, but he had been hit a lot prior to the fight with Vicious so I guess his cause of death must have simply been bleeding out. 5/5.

So here we are the two part conclusion of cowboy bebop. I’m actually excited to see how it’s all going to end.

The episode starts with Julia, the woman that is in all of Spike’s memories, coming home and receiving a message that someone is coming to kill her. Meanwhile, Vicious storms into the syndicate headquarters and starts shooting up the place, but is caught and is imprisoned and set to be executed. However, the syndicate is also going after ex-members such as Spike and Julia. Spike and Jet are at a bar when suddenly the place gets ambushed and although Spike and Jet defeat all the people there, Jet takes a shot to the leg and can’t walk afterwards. Spike calls up Faye (not realizing that when she left last time, she left for good) telling her to meet up with him and her refusing. Faye however watches as Julia’s car passes by her and is being chased by another car shooting at it, she takes out her gun and takes the other car out and jumps into the car with Julia. Looks like something crazy is going to happen in this episode, and so far it’s perfect.

This is a perfect episode and it’s receiving 5/5. Faye and Julia drive around after the short gunfight and Julia asks Faye to tell Spike that she’ll be waiting for him “there” and that he knew what that meant. Faye returns to the ship and upon returning she’s followed by the syndicate which begins to bomb the bebop. Faye and Spike take care of most of the syndicate’s ships and then Spike leaves to go find Julia. While this is happening, Vicious is chained up against a wall about to be executed when suddenly the bird he has always carried with him explodes and creates a smokescreen effect (turns out the bird was mechanical the whole time), meanwhile some of the men who were set to execute him at gunpoint turn on the syndicate leadership and they end up killing all of them. Vicious is now in control of the syndicate. Spike goes to the graveyard where he originally dropped the rose that was shown in the beginning of the first episode, and as he picks up the same rose, he finds Julia standing there. She takes out a gun and then the screen goes black and says to be continued (and I said screw you out loud when that happened).

So as I said, 5/5. The exciting conclusion of the Cowboy Bebop story is upon us, and these events that seem to be leading up to it are showing that what I’ve wanted to be answered throughout the entire series will finally be answered; and that is Spike’s past. The episode was fast paced and didn’t waste any time getting straight to the point during any of its scenes, and that’s what I like to see. I wouldn’t change a single thing about this episode, other than the “to be continued” at the end of it, but that’s certainly not something that could ruin the entire episode. The scene where Vicious kills everyone was probably one of the best scenes in the entire series, second to the ending of episode 20.

I’m sick, but even with my quick to lose attention mind and my inability to stand without falling; I think I’m going to watch some Bebop.

This episode starts with Faye looking at the tape of her that was found back in episode 18. Ed tells her that she knows where the fountain in the video is on Earth and the two of them set off to go look for it. Instead though, Ed takes Faye to her old “foster home” and the nun that takes care of the children there tells Ed that her father was looking for her for seven years. This doesn’t seem to lead anywhere yet, but I’m sure it will. After stopping by the home Ed takes Faye to the fountain in the video, and while there one of Faye’s old friends from before her cryogenic freezing finds her and begins to talk to her, but Faye still doesn’t remember anything and claims to be a ghost. Slow paced so far, I hope things get better.

Well then, some interesting changes to the bebop story. While taking a shower, Faye suddenly remembers her entire past and decides to leave the bebop. She goes back to where her old home use to be and finds that the home has been entirely destroyed, nothing remaining. Our last sight of her is her making lines in the dirt to represent the walls of the house and then a smaller line representing her old bed, which she lays down in and that’s it. Spike and Jet find their target on Earth and it turns out that the person their searching for is actually Ed’s father. Ed and him reunite but her father suddenly runs off when a meteor crashes because he’s mapping out the terrain of Earth and with the constant meteor showers that occur on it, he has to travel constantly to map the changing terrains. Ed decides to leave the ship too and Ein follows her, and all that’s left is Spike and Jet.

4/5 Reasons being:

The episode had a great story and a surprising conclusion but it seemed like it was missing a lot, as if there was so much more of the story that could’ve been explained and is now left unanswered. For one, why did Ed’s father leave her in the first place? And why does Faye decide to tell her old friend that she’s a ghost rather than find out more about her past?

The action was the best part of the episode, when Jet and Spike find Ed’s father Spike and he have a great fight scene, but I noticed that something was definitely wrong about it. Spike no longer seems to fight using his “calm” style which he stressed about when he was teaching that other guy earlier in the series about how to fight like him. Spike seems to have developed recently into less of a laid back character and more of a constantly angry person.

And lastly, the soundtrack was awful. They used some kind of weird j-rock that simply didn’t fit in with the episode or the series in general. The jazz/blues/folk that had been always used fit perfectly with the art style, but anything even resembling modern music just doesn’t belong in this show.

Its 3 AM. I’ve got caught the common cold. Can’t sleep. Bebop only has 4 episodes left. Must watch.


The first half is quite the trippy experience. We watch for 6-7 minutes as a TV flips channels and all we see is information about a cult-like group called Scratch, which is trying to turn the brainwaves of humans into digital codes. The leader is being hunted down by bounty hunters and that’s where our plot comes in. We receive a slight twist though, when suddenly the TV flips to a channel showing a group of members from Scratch on a daytime talk show and the person talking on behalf of the group is Faye. Spike and Jet see this and realize they’ll have to go after the cult not only to rescue Faye, but also because of the huge reward on the leaders head, however all of the remaining bebop crew’s work turns up with nothing, until Faye suddenly messages the bebop. We find that she does not actually believe the cult, and she was just there to infiltrate it, but something went wrong and now she’s tripping out with the rest of the cult members. We also find out that the bounty hunter show that Spike has been generally watching since the beginning of the series is being cancelled. I figure this might have some strange importance so, I’d point it out.

This episode surprised me; it turned out better than I expected for a few reasons, but first I’ll finish the story. Jet and Ed find that the device being used for the brain wave to digital data is a game controller that is pretty much the equivalent of virtual reality, and after watching Jet fail to control himself while using it, they give it to Ein who is able to not only control himself but also hack it. After he hacks it, they find that there is no cult leader, he doesn’t actually exist and instead the signal is coming from a hospice. They go to the hospice and find that the signal is coming from a 13 year old boy who became a vegetable after getting into an accident, he was a master hacker before he had become on and that’s the reasoning behind why he was able to create his alter-ego that the entire universe was after. Meanwhile, Spike finds the place where Faye tripped out and fell asleep and turns out that the place is full of televisions. Fitting quite perfectly into the Mass Media class I seem to be enrolled with, the vegetable boy begins to talk to Spike through the mass of televisions and it turns out that he is doing this because he wants to give people an escape from the real world, and explains that the best and worst creation in all of human history is the television, because it is a replacement for god. To quote him “its word is holy and unquestioned” and it’s generally the root of all evil, so he chose to abuse it. As he’s explaining this, Spike begins to go under the same sleepy effect that Faye had gone under, but he is saved as Ed disconnects the vegetable boy from his brainwave transmitter, without killing him.

So here’s what I have to say about the episode and I’ll start with the biggest and most important thing related to the actual bebop story, and that is Ein hacking into the data of the game and into the cult’s data. Back in the second episode where Ein was first introduced we found out that he was stolen from a science lab and was declared a data dog, and finally 21 episodes later, we actually get to find out what that means. However, the major and more important event in this episode is the message that the “cult leader” gives out, that TV is the new god, and just as god was manmade the TV was no different. This episode was also entirely different from all the other episodes in the show, it was made to be more trippy and psychedelic like (obviously to fit the cult theme) and the way that it was done worked really well for the show, the constant changing of TV gave off both a sense of confusion and one of perfect linear development and it’s strange how it ended up working out. The ending was a surprise and had a subtle twist that was well deserved for this episode and in the end; I can say that it was more an episode I enjoyed. Much more so than the last two especially. 4/5.

Episode starts off with a man placing a teddy bear on a railing in an empty building, and Spike stopping him immediately afterwards. The man is a criminal by the name of “the teddy bear bomber” and as Spike is about to catch him, a man on a horse interrupts them and accuses Spike of being the bomber. The man is a bounty hunter named Andy, who is an idiot. He lets the bomber get away, and the bomber blows up a piece of the building. He gets away, but Jet and Spike are quick to find him again at a party. At the party, Andy interrupts the bombers capture again and Spike and Jet are forced to chase the bomber down, however Andy is chasing him too on his horse. For the first time in the entire show, Spike seems to be generally pissed. He actually has a character that he has so much hatred for that he completely loses his cool laid off attitude and just entirely forgets about the bomber and instead begins to shoot at Andy from his ship, who shoots back at Spike from his horse. This episode is going better than the last, but it’s still not living up to what I expect, at least at minimum. At least Spike is the main character in the episode, so it’s interesting somewhat, but the story doesn’t have much going for it so far. I know what’s going on and all of that, but there’s no interest in it.

And the rest of the episode is a bummer. It lacks an interesting story, but it does have some nice action. Andy and Spike both figure out where the next bomb is going to be set off, and when they go there and find the guy, they end up fighting each other instead. Upon seeing himself ignored, the bomber decides to start blowing things up and then Spike and Andy go after him together. He traps them in an elevator that was set to explode once it reached the top but the two of them escape (somehow). Afterwards, the two race to the top of the building and have a short fight scene where Spike ends up being the victor after he punches a desk out of anger and it collapses half of the recently blown up roof. Andy agrees to put the cowboy life behind him, gives Spike his hat and says the too familiar line “See you space cowboy” to Spike as he leaves. Meanwhile, Faye had come and caught the teddy bear bomber. We see the bomber being transported in an armored vehicle when suddenly Andy pulls by it and instead of being dressed as a cowboy, he’s dressed as a samurai and he’s riding his horse. The episode ends with a slight twist on the ending screen, shown all the way below.

This episode was a 2.5/5. It was just an average episode with an average story and average minor characters. The only thing I want to really point out is something I really didn’t understand and that was how they escaped from the elevator. As the elevator is going up, the two of them try to squeeze through the emergency exit on top of the elevator and they seem to fail to escape it as it reaches the top and explodes, but once the smoke clears we see the both of them hanging onto the elevator wire, but the elevator missing. I don’t get it, how did they grab onto it? From what I saw, they didn’t make it out at all, and yet somehow they managed to grasp onto a wire that, after the explosion, probably had nothing keeping it from just sliding off and dropping Spike and Andy to their deaths. It kind of annoyed me that the way they seemed to escape was so unreal, I expected something smarter, something more artsy. I think I’m going to re-watch episode 20 so I can get the feeling I’m desperately craving.

The last episode left me with an expectation I don’t expect this episode to meet, and I don’t know whether any of the remaining episodes will meet it.

Halfway through this episode already and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to beat that expectation. Jet gets a letter from a dead friend of his telling him to go find a spot where the four gods meet, or something similar. He finds out that the man who sent the letter died three days before and his daughter helps Jet find the sun stone that the letter was trying to mention. However, there are other blues brothers-looking gang members searching for it as well and creating conflict for Jet.

Second half ended, and it definitely didn’t meet my expectations. Jet and his friend’s daughter find the sun stone and figure out that his friend isn’t dead, and that the sun stone has a pulse that can lead them to where her father/Jet’s friend is located. They go into a hyper gate and while inside they encounter the syndicate that’s after Jet’s friend for leaking information to the ISSP. The syndicate releases Ai controlled ships to attack them, and Jet realizes that using the sunstone they can possibly destroy all of them. They release the sunstone into space through the toilet, and Spike fires a plasma laser at it from his ship and the whole thing turns into a large quasar looking portal, destroying all of the AI ships that run into it, and not allowing anyone passage through it. Within it though, we get to see the girl’s father and they have a short conversation in which the girl forgives him for pretending to be dead, and then the man dies because of a lack of oxygen.

This episode is a 1/5. I was severely bored and could not maintain my interest. The one point I did give it came entirely from Ed being Ed, otherwise this was an entirely bad episode. The soundtrack was boring, the story had no moments of interest, and the characters that were used for the plot in this episode were horrid. It’s a good thing that this episode is so far into the show, because had this come up earlier it would’ve completely turned me away from watching this series. This has to be the worst episode of bebop; I hope none of the remaining five episodes are this bad.

The first half of this episode is the best I’ve seen of this entire show. Spike’s walking the streets and he comes about a very round man killing a group of people using a cane he has that shoots bullets, and after that all goes to hell. The guy is crazy and starts shooting everything, including Spike, who almost gets killed but escapes. The man turns out to be an assassin named Mad Pierre and he’s been killing all the major ISSP officers, and no one knows anything about him. The guy can fly. He can god damn fly. Even in the future that’s amazing. So far this is the creepiest episode of the series, and it’s also the most amazing. The use of silence to intensify the scenes between Pierre and Spike’s gunfight makes the scene so much more dramatic and almost imprints the entire scene in the viewers mind. The battle, as short as it was, leaves a creepy tone once it’s over, and it also leaves Spike covered in bandages. Not surprising, since this guy can FLY AND SHOOT OUT OF A CANE. He also took the time to reveal that under his jacket he had as much weaponry as all of the people on Normandy during D-Day, on both sides.

The second half of the episode was better than the first, and put together, this was the most amazing episode of any show I’ve ever seen. It had everything I wanted in it, a child-like sense of playfulness and cruelty and the ability to show how innocence as corrupt. It turns out that Pierre is an ISSP experiment, trained to be the perfect assassin- but an error occurs where although his body is that of a super soldier with super soldier abilities, his mind is reverting to a younger and younger age. The error forces ISSP to abort the experiment, and during transport to a permanent holding facility, Pierre kills everyone before he reaches his cell and then goes out and starts killing others. Spike is invited by Pierre himself to come to a circus themed theme park where Spike and Pierre are all alone, what occurs after he gets there is an extremely creepy, psychedelic, spaced out adventure showcasing childlike innocence in the way that children have no idea that they cause pain to others. In the end, Spike and Pierre are at a stare down with the entire theme park alive behind him, and as a large mechanical marching band marches towards them, Spike throws a knife at Pierre (who shoots him back) and it hits him in the leg. Pierre, having mentally reverted to an age between five and seven, falls on the floor and cries out for his mommy until one of the giant robots in the parade steps on him and kills him.

This was the best episode of cowboy bebop yet. I would recommend this as an introductory episode to anyone who never watched the show before for a few reasons. For one, it showcases the director’s skill of setting mood and tone, and knowing what sounds to use and what sounds to dismiss. The silence in the first fighting scene is unbelievably intensifying. Second, the action in the episode is at a perfect amount and is perfect in general. Also, the episode doesn’t spoil anything about the story, it brings out all of the characters best traits (Spike’s coolness, Faye’s self-centeredness [there’s one scene in specific where Spike is in bandages trying to reach an orange and she grabs it for herself, and leaves the peel on his head], Jet’s father-like spirit and knowledge [he spends the episode talking to the ISSP finding information about Pierre], and Ed’s general kookiness [she spends the episode making weird noises and bantering]) without revealing any information about them. Well, I guess there is a spoiler in there being that a new viewer will get to see the entire bebop crew well before they actually are a crew, but that’s also spoiled in the theme song (if you pay any attention to it). Simply put, this was the greatest episode of anything ever. I loved this episode so much; I’m going to watch it again. 5/5, I’d give more but then it would be an improper fraction.

Who’s doing a cowboy bebop blog at 3:05 AM? THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.

We’re at the first break and this is what I’ve got so far. Spike has gone to his friends Dohan’s shop to get his ship fixed; meanwhile Faye and Jet are after a group of pirates. Spike ends up stuck at the shop while Faye and Jet get beaten by the pirates. The plot only just really began to come up right before the break when Dohan’s parts dealer was talking about where he got his parts from, while Spike was on the phone at the same time and it turned out both of them got the parts from a delivery truck, and apparently this is a rare ordeal in this futuristic world. Even with this whole boredom festival that this episode seems to be providing, something is keeping my interest. My guess?  Two things: The action between Faye and Jet versus the pirates was quite entertaining, especially since the show decided to get really creative and instead of doing the whole gunfight thing, they added an entirely new weapon. This weapon was a hook that would attach onto a ship and install a virus into their computers and I thought that was just god damn amazing; and second the minor characters that were somewhat introduced to us, Dohan and his assistant are actually interesting characters unlike most of the minor characters that have been in the show.

Well let’s see the exciting conclusion.

Spike is back on the Bebop and getting a briefing on what they’re going to do about the pirates, and we get to know that Jet’s entire plan is basically this: Dodge the harpoons, and if your hit turn off your engine and communications, oh and we’re going to use walkie talkies to communicate. Well, Spike finds the ship and does end up getting hit by them, but he is somehow (in a very unexplained way) able to blow up the pirate ship. However, Spike is within Earth’s gravity pull, and he’s out of gas. He realizes there’s nothing he can do, and begins to light up a cigarette, when suddenly Dohan gets on the radio and says he’s going to pick him up. The reason behind him knowing what’s going on is this, the walkie talkies run on the same frequency as the radios, and because they were set to the same frequency as the one that was on at Dohans shop, he could hear everything that was going on. Dohan had been repairing a ship the entire time that Spike was there, and we finally get to see what it is- and in this future world we find he was repairing the space shuttle Columbia. They catch Spike’s ship in outer space, and all ends well with them crash landing on Earth.

But I have a problem with this episode. What the hell happened to the pirates? When I said it was explained, I meant that it was seriously unexplained, we see Spike looking up at the Bebop, and then suddenly the pirate ship explodes and releases a bunch of hooks. It’s not explained whether they blow up or they use some kind of exploding device to distract them, nothings explained at all. Also, at the same time Spike was chasing them, Faye was chasing another ship that she thought might be the pirates, when it turned out not to be the pirates, the two ships weren’t that far away. However, Faye never joined the combat against them. What the hell is up with that? She had to be no further than a 30 second drive away from where Spike was at the time she realized it was the wrong ship, and she never turned her ship around to go help him. The episode lacked too much and was, in my opinion, kind of poorly done. The only things that I thought were well done were the pirate virus hook, and Dohan’s assistant’s personality. The soundtrack was good though, very well chosen for this episode. 2.5/5 is what I’ll give to this, it was less than average, and I thought it had a lot more potential to be something better. When the supplier came to Dohan and it turned out that the supplier had received his supplies from someone similar to the pirates, I was sure there would be some great twist where either Dohan was the enemy or his supplier was. There was no new information towards the greater story of the entire show even though, once again, there was great potential for something to be suddenly brought up being that Dohan and Spike apparently have a past together.

Actually decided to start doing this early this time, and with enough time to do one a day and get them all done a few days early. So it’s 10pm, and it’s time for some Bebop.

This episode starts off with Faye receiving a delivery, but running away without touching it for a reason that was unexplained and will probably end up being the plot of the episode. Jet’s thinking about running tests on the package to make sure it isn’t deadly but Spike decides to open it immediately and finds a BETA inside. I didn’t realize the future still used BETA, being that I have DVD’s no less than 12 feet away from me. I’m not a big fan of this future, where technology moves backwards. Without looking at the BETA itself, they find out that the package has been sent all around the entire universe from company to company, all of them resending it.  They end up going to an antique salesmen and it turns out that they don’t actually use BETA and it is a relic. So I was wrong, this is the future, what a wonderful future it is.  The antique owner begins to play the cassette and when it begins to fail, Spike starts kicking the cassette player and breaks it, so now I won’t know what’s on it, but from what we did see it was probably Faye on it. Stupid plot devices, I just want to know what’s on the tape.

Jet and Spike go back to Earth to find an underground museum (because all of earth’s people went underground) to get the only other BETA player available but when they get there they take a VHS player instead and end up with nothing. However, while they were there I began to think why the director chose to have Earth entirely destroyed. The few seconds where Earths landscape was totally visible showed an entirely inhabitable land covered in debris and general garbage. I’m not sure if he was trying to say something, especially with the fact being that every single planet has the same human race on it and that no one seems to care at all that Earth is entirely destroyed. Plus there was that one planet that was made entirely of space debris. It seems like a message that’s obvious once it’s looked at, but I wonder if there’s more to it. In any case, after returning to the bebop and going to another planet they get another package, this one with a BETA player inside. Finally I’ll get to know what’s on this tape.

Well s***. 5/5. The tape turned out to be a message from Faye’s younger self to her future self,  and while the tape itself wasn’t much it showed an entirely different Faye, a younger more innocent one that had no idea what she would become. The real sadness of the video comes when Faye’s younger self says “I’ll always be with you” contrary to the fact that Faye doesn’t remember anything about herself, from before she woke up from her cryogenic freezing. This was probably the only time in the entire show that Faye actually seemed like a likeable character that could be sympathized with, and while watching it I kind of thought of myself, and how if I had made something like this for myself even 5 years prior I’d find someone that was nothing like me now. This was a great episode.