Week 12 Blog Post

May 11, 2010

Unfortunately, i was absent for the shouting fire video, but what i can answer concerning it is this:

The case in question dealt with whether or not Nazi’s should be allowed to march, and my answer is No. No group should be allowed to march if they are supporting or trying to cause violence and that’s what Nazi’s doing, trying to support violence against races that aren’t white, or Aryan, i don’t know which because i can’t tell the difference between them and the KKK. It’s not the same as the people who march against gay marriage (although there are some similarities between a few of the groups that do march against it and the Nazi groups) who march because they don’t support the idea of it because those people aren’t screaming for gays to be burned and sent to hell (although some of them are). I don’t know which side Mr.Garbus took in the case but if i had to take the case I’d definitely be on the side against them. I have no problem with people saying they don’t support the Jewish people (i say this under the assumption that the Nazi groups were specifically against Jews) because if i did I’d have to be against everyone who didn’t follow the Jewish religion, as that is saying that you do not support the Jews.

All groups promoting violence for the sake of being violent against a general group (and not specific individuals who might deserve the violence done to them) shouldn’t be allowed to march.