Season1, Episode 24: Hard Luck Woman

April 12, 2010

I’m sick, but even with my quick to lose attention mind and my inability to stand without falling; I think I’m going to watch some Bebop.

This episode starts with Faye looking at the tape of her that was found back in episode 18. Ed tells her that she knows where the fountain in the video is on Earth and the two of them set off to go look for it. Instead though, Ed takes Faye to her old “foster home” and the nun that takes care of the children there tells Ed that her father was looking for her for seven years. This doesn’t seem to lead anywhere yet, but I’m sure it will. After stopping by the home Ed takes Faye to the fountain in the video, and while there one of Faye’s old friends from before her cryogenic freezing finds her and begins to talk to her, but Faye still doesn’t remember anything and claims to be a ghost. Slow paced so far, I hope things get better.

Well then, some interesting changes to the bebop story. While taking a shower, Faye suddenly remembers her entire past and decides to leave the bebop. She goes back to where her old home use to be and finds that the home has been entirely destroyed, nothing remaining. Our last sight of her is her making lines in the dirt to represent the walls of the house and then a smaller line representing her old bed, which she lays down in and that’s it. Spike and Jet find their target on Earth and it turns out that the person their searching for is actually Ed’s father. Ed and him reunite but her father suddenly runs off when a meteor crashes because he’s mapping out the terrain of Earth and with the constant meteor showers that occur on it, he has to travel constantly to map the changing terrains. Ed decides to leave the ship too and Ein follows her, and all that’s left is Spike and Jet.

4/5 Reasons being:

The episode had a great story and a surprising conclusion but it seemed like it was missing a lot, as if there was so much more of the story that could’ve been explained and is now left unanswered. For one, why did Ed’s father leave her in the first place? And why does Faye decide to tell her old friend that she’s a ghost rather than find out more about her past?

The action was the best part of the episode, when Jet and Spike find Ed’s father Spike and he have a great fight scene, but I noticed that something was definitely wrong about it. Spike no longer seems to fight using his “calm” style which he stressed about when he was teaching that other guy earlier in the series about how to fight like him. Spike seems to have developed recently into less of a laid back character and more of a constantly angry person.

And lastly, the soundtrack was awful. They used some kind of weird j-rock that simply didn’t fit in with the episode or the series in general. The jazz/blues/folk that had been always used fit perfectly with the art style, but anything even resembling modern music just doesn’t belong in this show.


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