Season 1, Episode 26: The Real Folk Blues (Part II)

April 12, 2010

Episode 26, the final episode of the series.

Continuing from where the last episode left off, Julia is pointing a gun at Spike and begins to tell Spike that she was told by Vicious to kill him. She decides not to and they decide they are going to get away from the planet, but first Spike has something he has to do. Spike goes to Annie’s shop (The same one from episode 5) and finds her with a gunshot wound to her stomach, she dies there but not before telling Spike what has happened with Vicious and the syndicate, at which point Spike decides he can’t leave yet and is going to kill Vicious. Suddenly, syndicate gunmen burst into the store and Julia and Spike begin fighting them off. They get to the roof of the store and just as the last two gunmen are about to be shot and killed by Spike, one of them shoots Julia in the back. Julia dies on the roof of Annie’s shop. Meanwhile, Jet is trying to find where Spike went to and visits an oracle that Spike would visit, the oracle tells Jet that Spike is going to die soon.

So I just paused just as Spike is about to face off with Vicious, so I can write what’s led up to this point in the episode, and can prepare for what I’m sure is going to be an amazing end to this show.  After Julia’s death, Spike returned to the bebop only to eat some food and talk to Jet one last time. As he’s about to leave, Faye stops him and points a gun to his head and starts asking questions. She reminds him how he told her to leave the past behind and now she tells him to do the same, but Spike refuses. Spike also mentions something else, throughout the show there were occasions where people would point out that Spike had two different colored eyes. Turns out, Spike got into a huge gunfight and one of his eyes were lost in the fight. Now according to him, one eye sees the present and the other can only see the past. Spike immediately leaves and storms into the syndicate headquarters where he begins to kill everyone. Spike is now completely Rambo-ing the entire facility. Unfortunately for him though, he got shot in one of his arms just as he was almost up to Vicious, and now the two of them are about to have the final standoff of the episode, and the entire show.

What an ending. I can’t say I didn’t expect it, but there it was. To put it simply, Spike and Vicious both die. They begin to fight, Spike knocks the sword out of Vicious’s hands and Vicious makes Spike drop his gun. They both grab each other’s weapon with their feet, and they stop. Spike says “Julia’s dead, let’s end this” and both of them kick back each other’s weapon and Spike is able to immediately shoot Vicious in the chest, who falls down and dies. Spike begins walking down the staircase where a bunch of syndicate members are all watching Spike come down after killing Vicious, and he points his fingers at them and says “bang.” He proceeds to fall to the floor and die right there, but not before having a short flashback to the scene where Julia died. He remembers her saying “It’s all a dream” and then falls.

So that’s the end of the series. There are still two questions that I think were left unanswered and I kind of wish that they had at some point been brought up, but I’ll get to them in my final post. Still, the episode was amazing and although I did kind of expect Spike and Julia and Vicious to all die, the way it all came together was something worth watching. I somewhat wish there would be more to this series but unfortunately this is where it has to end. The soundtrack was lacking and again made the mistake of using modern sounding music rather than the jazz/folk/blues that fits so well with the story, but it certainly made up for that minor problem with it’s amazing action and quick pace. This final episode was longer than every other episode, but felt shorter than all of them. I kind of wish Spike didn’t die though, it seemed like he had actually won the fight without having that much damage in him, but he had been hit a lot prior to the fight with Vicious so I guess his cause of death must have simply been bleeding out. 5/5.


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