Season 1, Episode 25: The Real Folk Blues (Part 1)

April 12, 2010

So here we are the two part conclusion of cowboy bebop. I’m actually excited to see how it’s all going to end.

The episode starts with Julia, the woman that is in all of Spike’s memories, coming home and receiving a message that someone is coming to kill her. Meanwhile, Vicious storms into the syndicate headquarters and starts shooting up the place, but is caught and is imprisoned and set to be executed. However, the syndicate is also going after ex-members such as Spike and Julia. Spike and Jet are at a bar when suddenly the place gets ambushed and although Spike and Jet defeat all the people there, Jet takes a shot to the leg and can’t walk afterwards. Spike calls up Faye (not realizing that when she left last time, she left for good) telling her to meet up with him and her refusing. Faye however watches as Julia’s car passes by her and is being chased by another car shooting at it, she takes out her gun and takes the other car out and jumps into the car with Julia. Looks like something crazy is going to happen in this episode, and so far it’s perfect.

This is a perfect episode and it’s receiving 5/5. Faye and Julia drive around after the short gunfight and Julia asks Faye to tell Spike that she’ll be waiting for him “there” and that he knew what that meant. Faye returns to the ship and upon returning she’s followed by the syndicate which begins to bomb the bebop. Faye and Spike take care of most of the syndicate’s ships and then Spike leaves to go find Julia. While this is happening, Vicious is chained up against a wall about to be executed when suddenly the bird he has always carried with him explodes and creates a smokescreen effect (turns out the bird was mechanical the whole time), meanwhile some of the men who were set to execute him at gunpoint turn on the syndicate leadership and they end up killing all of them. Vicious is now in control of the syndicate. Spike goes to the graveyard where he originally dropped the rose that was shown in the beginning of the first episode, and as he picks up the same rose, he finds Julia standing there. She takes out a gun and then the screen goes black and says to be continued (and I said screw you out loud when that happened).

So as I said, 5/5. The exciting conclusion of the Cowboy Bebop story is upon us, and these events that seem to be leading up to it are showing that what I’ve wanted to be answered throughout the entire series will finally be answered; and that is Spike’s past. The episode was fast paced and didn’t waste any time getting straight to the point during any of its scenes, and that’s what I like to see. I wouldn’t change a single thing about this episode, other than the “to be continued” at the end of it, but that’s certainly not something that could ruin the entire episode. The scene where Vicious kills everyone was probably one of the best scenes in the entire series, second to the ending of episode 20.


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