Season 1, Episode 22; Cowboy Funk

April 12, 2010

Episode starts off with a man placing a teddy bear on a railing in an empty building, and Spike stopping him immediately afterwards. The man is a criminal by the name of “the teddy bear bomber” and as Spike is about to catch him, a man on a horse interrupts them and accuses Spike of being the bomber. The man is a bounty hunter named Andy, who is an idiot. He lets the bomber get away, and the bomber blows up a piece of the building. He gets away, but Jet and Spike are quick to find him again at a party. At the party, Andy interrupts the bombers capture again and Spike and Jet are forced to chase the bomber down, however Andy is chasing him too on his horse. For the first time in the entire show, Spike seems to be generally pissed. He actually has a character that he has so much hatred for that he completely loses his cool laid off attitude and just entirely forgets about the bomber and instead begins to shoot at Andy from his ship, who shoots back at Spike from his horse. This episode is going better than the last, but it’s still not living up to what I expect, at least at minimum. At least Spike is the main character in the episode, so it’s interesting somewhat, but the story doesn’t have much going for it so far. I know what’s going on and all of that, but there’s no interest in it.

And the rest of the episode is a bummer. It lacks an interesting story, but it does have some nice action. Andy and Spike both figure out where the next bomb is going to be set off, and when they go there and find the guy, they end up fighting each other instead. Upon seeing himself ignored, the bomber decides to start blowing things up and then Spike and Andy go after him together. He traps them in an elevator that was set to explode once it reached the top but the two of them escape (somehow). Afterwards, the two race to the top of the building and have a short fight scene where Spike ends up being the victor after he punches a desk out of anger and it collapses half of the recently blown up roof. Andy agrees to put the cowboy life behind him, gives Spike his hat and says the too familiar line “See you space cowboy” to Spike as he leaves. Meanwhile, Faye had come and caught the teddy bear bomber. We see the bomber being transported in an armored vehicle when suddenly Andy pulls by it and instead of being dressed as a cowboy, he’s dressed as a samurai and he’s riding his horse. The episode ends with a slight twist on the ending screen, shown all the way below.

This episode was a 2.5/5. It was just an average episode with an average story and average minor characters. The only thing I want to really point out is something I really didn’t understand and that was how they escaped from the elevator. As the elevator is going up, the two of them try to squeeze through the emergency exit on top of the elevator and they seem to fail to escape it as it reaches the top and explodes, but once the smoke clears we see the both of them hanging onto the elevator wire, but the elevator missing. I don’t get it, how did they grab onto it? From what I saw, they didn’t make it out at all, and yet somehow they managed to grasp onto a wire that, after the explosion, probably had nothing keeping it from just sliding off and dropping Spike and Andy to their deaths. It kind of annoyed me that the way they seemed to escape was so unreal, I expected something smarter, something more artsy. I think I’m going to re-watch episode 20 so I can get the feeling I’m desperately craving.


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