Season 1, Episode 21: Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

April 12, 2010

The last episode left me with an expectation I don’t expect this episode to meet, and I don’t know whether any of the remaining episodes will meet it.

Halfway through this episode already and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to beat that expectation. Jet gets a letter from a dead friend of his telling him to go find a spot where the four gods meet, or something similar. He finds out that the man who sent the letter died three days before and his daughter helps Jet find the sun stone that the letter was trying to mention. However, there are other blues brothers-looking gang members searching for it as well and creating conflict for Jet.

Second half ended, and it definitely didn’t meet my expectations. Jet and his friend’s daughter find the sun stone and figure out that his friend isn’t dead, and that the sun stone has a pulse that can lead them to where her father/Jet’s friend is located. They go into a hyper gate and while inside they encounter the syndicate that’s after Jet’s friend for leaking information to the ISSP. The syndicate releases Ai controlled ships to attack them, and Jet realizes that using the sunstone they can possibly destroy all of them. They release the sunstone into space through the toilet, and Spike fires a plasma laser at it from his ship and the whole thing turns into a large quasar looking portal, destroying all of the AI ships that run into it, and not allowing anyone passage through it. Within it though, we get to see the girl’s father and they have a short conversation in which the girl forgives him for pretending to be dead, and then the man dies because of a lack of oxygen.

This episode is a 1/5. I was severely bored and could not maintain my interest. The one point I did give it came entirely from Ed being Ed, otherwise this was an entirely bad episode. The soundtrack was boring, the story had no moments of interest, and the characters that were used for the plot in this episode were horrid. It’s a good thing that this episode is so far into the show, because had this come up earlier it would’ve completely turned me away from watching this series. This has to be the worst episode of bebop; I hope none of the remaining five episodes are this bad.


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