Final thoughts

April 12, 2010

So what did I think of the entire show?

I thought it was great. I loved it, I loved the characters, I loved the story and more than anything I loved the soundtrack. My favorite character turned out to be Ed, and not only because we share the same name.

In the end though, I have two problems with the sudden ending of the show.

For one, it was never explained how or why Jet and Spike teamed up to become bounty hunters together. I mean, it was obvious that Spike had become a bounty hunter because he expected to one day have to find Julia, but it doesn’t ever explain how the two of them became the team that they were. Also, it was left unexplained as to why Spike joined and left the syndicate to begin with, although there were slight hints at possible reasons but never a full explanation. Also, the show really should’ve touched more on the whole deal with the syndicate and Spike, I felt that they barely really gave much insight as to what Spike did with them, or what the syndicate did in general.

But, all in all, this was a great show. I’m not a huge fan of Animes, but this was definitely something better than just an Anime. It had story, it had characters that someone could actually feel something for and weren’t one dimensional and easy to guess. I’d not only recommend this to other people, but I plan on watching this entire series again for myself. Episode 20 was still my favorite and since watching it I’ve recommended that episode alone to friends who have never seen the show, some of which are now highly interested in watching it now. I remember looking up information on the show and seeing that it was receiving tons of praise and I can definitely see why. This really wasn’t some simple action cartoon made to entertain small children with small tidbits of action and give off the feeling of “cool.” This series had slight commentary about the current state of the world, the future we’re all heading towards, and people in general, specifically the way people act with each other.

I mean, one of the things I realized when the show was over was that Spike really wasn’t “the good guy.” He had been part of the same syndicate that killed people in mass amounts, he was actually an evil character who was probably hunted down and attacked constantly before deciding to spend his life on a space ship with Jet, but yet somehow you end up cheering for him even though he’s just as evil as Vicious.

Also, this was probably the most fun and best project I’ve ever had to do for any class ever. I think the only other time I had something that was this enjoyable was in 8th grade when my class had to make stuff out of legos for an entire year, but getting to watch a TV show and have someone listen to my opinion about it is just as good, if not better.


2 Responses to “Final thoughts”

  1. Belle Nouvelle said

    Good ending post!

    GREAT analysis and a lot of solid thoughts and points.

    I really liked reading your blog, and found myself quite engaged in the show as a whole.
    I loved your detail of expression in the summary of the episodes, and was impressed by insight you provided.
    You could stand, however, to go back and add a little more analysis into the blogs you already posted, especially on the ones that are exclusively summarization.
    Solid work, though, and a good overall blog–just go back and add a little more.

    Final thoughts:
    Who was your favorite character?
    What was your favorite episode?
    Did anything about this series surprise you?
    Was anything not what you expected by doing this blog project?
    Do you find the characters to be at all believable?
    Does the show has any agenda/underlying themes that the writers wanted to make the viewers aware of, through an animated comedy?

    Ok, that is all on my part, for now.
    Email me with questions!


  2. Professor Dunphy said

    A good final post — I have read (never seen the show) from other bloggers about the ending… not many people were happy with it.

    I am really glad you enjoyed the assignment.

    I really do think it is a good one…. and 8th grade… legos project… AWESOME.

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