Season 1, Episode 19: Wild Horses

April 6, 2010

Who’s doing a cowboy bebop blog at 3:05 AM? THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.

We’re at the first break and this is what I’ve got so far. Spike has gone to his friends Dohan’s shop to get his ship fixed; meanwhile Faye and Jet are after a group of pirates. Spike ends up stuck at the shop while Faye and Jet get beaten by the pirates. The plot only just really began to come up right before the break when Dohan’s parts dealer was talking about where he got his parts from, while Spike was on the phone at the same time and it turned out both of them got the parts from a delivery truck, and apparently this is a rare ordeal in this futuristic world. Even with this whole boredom festival that this episode seems to be providing, something is keeping my interest. My guess?  Two things: The action between Faye and Jet versus the pirates was quite entertaining, especially since the show decided to get really creative and instead of doing the whole gunfight thing, they added an entirely new weapon. This weapon was a hook that would attach onto a ship and install a virus into their computers and I thought that was just god damn amazing; and second the minor characters that were somewhat introduced to us, Dohan and his assistant are actually interesting characters unlike most of the minor characters that have been in the show.

Well let’s see the exciting conclusion.

Spike is back on the Bebop and getting a briefing on what they’re going to do about the pirates, and we get to know that Jet’s entire plan is basically this: Dodge the harpoons, and if your hit turn off your engine and communications, oh and we’re going to use walkie talkies to communicate. Well, Spike finds the ship and does end up getting hit by them, but he is somehow (in a very unexplained way) able to blow up the pirate ship. However, Spike is within Earth’s gravity pull, and he’s out of gas. He realizes there’s nothing he can do, and begins to light up a cigarette, when suddenly Dohan gets on the radio and says he’s going to pick him up. The reason behind him knowing what’s going on is this, the walkie talkies run on the same frequency as the radios, and because they were set to the same frequency as the one that was on at Dohans shop, he could hear everything that was going on. Dohan had been repairing a ship the entire time that Spike was there, and we finally get to see what it is- and in this future world we find he was repairing the space shuttle Columbia. They catch Spike’s ship in outer space, and all ends well with them crash landing on Earth.

But I have a problem with this episode. What the hell happened to the pirates? When I said it was explained, I meant that it was seriously unexplained, we see Spike looking up at the Bebop, and then suddenly the pirate ship explodes and releases a bunch of hooks. It’s not explained whether they blow up or they use some kind of exploding device to distract them, nothings explained at all. Also, at the same time Spike was chasing them, Faye was chasing another ship that she thought might be the pirates, when it turned out not to be the pirates, the two ships weren’t that far away. However, Faye never joined the combat against them. What the hell is up with that? She had to be no further than a 30 second drive away from where Spike was at the time she realized it was the wrong ship, and she never turned her ship around to go help him. The episode lacked too much and was, in my opinion, kind of poorly done. The only things that I thought were well done were the pirate virus hook, and Dohan’s assistant’s personality. The soundtrack was good though, very well chosen for this episode. 2.5/5 is what I’ll give to this, it was less than average, and I thought it had a lot more potential to be something better. When the supplier came to Dohan and it turned out that the supplier had received his supplies from someone similar to the pirates, I was sure there would be some great twist where either Dohan was the enemy or his supplier was. There was no new information towards the greater story of the entire show even though, once again, there was great potential for something to be suddenly brought up being that Dohan and Spike apparently have a past together.


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