Season 1, Episode 18 – Speak like a Child

April 2, 2010

Actually decided to start doing this early this time, and with enough time to do one a day and get them all done a few days early. So it’s 10pm, and it’s time for some Bebop.

This episode starts off with Faye receiving a delivery, but running away without touching it for a reason that was unexplained and will probably end up being the plot of the episode. Jet’s thinking about running tests on the package to make sure it isn’t deadly but Spike decides to open it immediately and finds a BETA inside. I didn’t realize the future still used BETA, being that I have DVD’s no less than 12 feet away from me. I’m not a big fan of this future, where technology moves backwards. Without looking at the BETA itself, they find out that the package has been sent all around the entire universe from company to company, all of them resending it.  They end up going to an antique salesmen and it turns out that they don’t actually use BETA and it is a relic. So I was wrong, this is the future, what a wonderful future it is.  The antique owner begins to play the cassette and when it begins to fail, Spike starts kicking the cassette player and breaks it, so now I won’t know what’s on it, but from what we did see it was probably Faye on it. Stupid plot devices, I just want to know what’s on the tape.

Jet and Spike go back to Earth to find an underground museum (because all of earth’s people went underground) to get the only other BETA player available but when they get there they take a VHS player instead and end up with nothing. However, while they were there I began to think why the director chose to have Earth entirely destroyed. The few seconds where Earths landscape was totally visible showed an entirely inhabitable land covered in debris and general garbage. I’m not sure if he was trying to say something, especially with the fact being that every single planet has the same human race on it and that no one seems to care at all that Earth is entirely destroyed. Plus there was that one planet that was made entirely of space debris. It seems like a message that’s obvious once it’s looked at, but I wonder if there’s more to it. In any case, after returning to the bebop and going to another planet they get another package, this one with a BETA player inside. Finally I’ll get to know what’s on this tape.

Well s***. 5/5. The tape turned out to be a message from Faye’s younger self to her future self,  and while the tape itself wasn’t much it showed an entirely different Faye, a younger more innocent one that had no idea what she would become. The real sadness of the video comes when Faye’s younger self says “I’ll always be with you” contrary to the fact that Faye doesn’t remember anything about herself, from before she woke up from her cryogenic freezing. This was probably the only time in the entire show that Faye actually seemed like a likeable character that could be sympathized with, and while watching it I kind of thought of myself, and how if I had made something like this for myself even 5 years prior I’d find someone that was nothing like me now. This was a great episode.


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