Season 1, Episode 17 : Mushroom Samba

March 21, 2010

Episode starts with the Bebop crew arguing about who ate the emergency rations, being that there is no other food left in the entire ship. They are waiting for the inertia of their ship to take them to their destination, being that they are out of fuel, but they are suddenly hit by another ship that takes them out of their original path and instead forces them to crash onto a different planet.

It turns out Faye was the one that ate the rations because they find out that the box was one year past expiration and Faye now has a terrible stomach ache. Spike and Jet decide they are going to go try to fix the ship, and tell Ed to go out and get them some food, in an entirely abandoned and empty desert.

Ed and Ein find a small shack selling Watermelons for 1000 each, but they have no money with them. Suddenly a black woman with an afro that reaches all the way to 1970, comes by and buys a melon. She also gives the owner of the shack a small picture with a number on it asking that if the guy see’s him, to call her. Meanwhile, before she drives off, Ed and Ein jump into her trunk, and that totally reminded me of Speed Racer.

The woman stops at a gas station, and gets searched by two cops telling her that they are looking for someone selling mushrooms and has just come into the city. When they open her trunk, they find Ed and Ein sleeping and arrest her, but Ed and Ein just leave slowly and go into the city while she’s being arrested. They enter the city and find the man that the woman was looking for and start running around him calling him a meanie, when suddenly another man comes out of nowhere and starts yelling at the guy about how he sold him some bad mushrooms and his brother died because of it. He pulls out a gun, and the mushroom dealer runs away- dropping mushrooms while running. Ein eats one of the mushrooms and starts tripping. Well, this episode isn’t being very serious at all, so far it’s all joking and it seems like it’s set in the 1960’s/1970’s rather than the 1920 setting that its usually in, and I’m kind of liking that.

Ed and Ein take all the mushrooms, find an empty tent/table in the desert, and put a single mushroom on it. Each one of the members of the Bebop come by and each eat a single mushroom, while Ed and Ein watch to see what happens, but nothing starts happening until they are all back on the ship and the mushrooms kick in. Faye starts staring blankly into the toilet in the bathroom, while Spike hallucinates climbing an endless staircase, and Jet starts talking to all of his bonsai trees. Everyone except Ed is tripping.

Spike keeps climbing the staircase and he begins to hallucinate that a frog is telling him that it’s a stairway to heaven. In the real world, Ed and Ein are watching Spike as he is climbing the 9 step staircase, and it turns out that all he’s doing is just picking up his foot and putting it back down while standing on the same exact step.

Meanwhile, Faye is hallucinating that she’s the size of an ant in the bathroom and that the toilet has overflowed and she’s surrounded by fish.

But in the real world, Ed and Ein are watching as Faye just stands in the bathroom pretending to swim.

Ed and Ein, being the only two members of the crew that are sober, are watching TV and see the bounty hunter show come on. On it, they show the man who they with the mushrooms and he has a big reward on his head, and Ed decides their going to go catch him. It’s the first time I’ve seen Ed do any actual bounty hunter work since she’s joined the crew, up to now all she’s done is playfully mess around.

Ed and Ein start driving through and out of the town, meanwhile they’re seen by the woman whose car they jumped into and the man who was previously yelling and shooting at Domino, both of whom decide to follow Ed and Ein. On the outskirts of the town, Ed and Ein find the same ship that crashed into the Bebop out in space, and inside we see Domino growing his mushrooms. The story is pretty uninteresting, but god damn is Ed entertaining to watch.

They end up all chasing after Domino, and Domino ends up getting on a train and being caught by Ed when a cow blocking the road stops the train. Ein comes up the the cow and barks at it, which get’s translated into the show as “Thank You” and the cow moo’s back and gets translated as “Oh, its no problem.” Ed however, having no clue what she is doing, takes the mushrooms instead of Domino, after Domino convinces her that each mushroom is worth 100,000 each.

Turns out the mushrooms that Ed got were just regular Shitake Mushrooms instead, and now the Bebop crew has enough Mushrooms to eat for a month, and that’s the end of the episode.

4/5 for this one, it had a fun story, was very entertaining, and was actually really funny. Even the small bits of action were funny, this entire episode was great, but it just wasn’t the best. I wish I could say more about it, but I don’t know what else can be said. Ed’s character makes any scene she’s in entertaining, as I’ve already said before, and it was no different here. I can’t decide who I like more anymore, Ed or Spike. Spike’s got the entire that entire cool, laid back, kick-ass factor about him, but Ed is just funny. Too funny, too fun, too childlike.


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