Season 1, Episode 16: Black Dog Serenade

March 21, 2010

How exciting, this episode starts with two men and a bunch of corpses surrounding them, one of them supposedly having killed all of them. Well I’m going to take a guess that these two are our villains.

Meanwhile, Faye is yelling at Jet about fixing the shower- which he chooses to somewhat ignore. He tells her he’ll fix it later, and then gets a call from someone named Fad and gets surprised. The last episode was about Faye’s background, I hope to god that this one’s about Jet.

Back to the ship where the corpses were, we find out that it’s a prison transport ship and the prisoners have risen up and killed everyone on board. One of the men holds a gun to their only hostages head but when the hostage get’s talkative he kills him. In return, the same guy who killed all the men in the earlier scene kills the guy who killed the hostage for being reckless. Lots of killing going on, I like it. There hasn’t been good action for over 6-7 episodes, now they’re finally bringing back the fighting, and it turns out the guy who’s giving out all the killings is an assassin from some sort of syndicate, and his name is Whodi.

Jet goes to meet with his friend Fad, who use to work in the ISSP with him. They talk about the prison ship riot and when Fad mentions Whodi, Jet tells him it’s a stupid idea to go after the ship, but Fad responds to him saying that if Whodi get’s free after what he’s done, is his “missing arm going to be worth it?” I’m excited already, I’m just hoping that they flashback to how he lost it because this episode is either trying really hard to make it obvious that they’re going to show it, or it’s trying really hard to aggravate the viewer.

They’re just teasing me now. They cut to a flashback of Jet and Fad chasing after Whodi, and when Jet catches him- he finds that he’s been set up as soon as a large spotlight shines directly on him. The flashback ends there. I want to know where exactly he lost his arm already, this is killing me.

On the prison ship, an awesome scene occurs where all the police ships come up to the prisoner carrier, and after the carrier releases the emergency escape pod containing a ton of explosives, they begin to fire at everyone and destroy most, if not all, of the police ships. Cooler to watch than to say.

Jet and Fad begin to close in on the carrier, but they’re spotted because Jet decides to rush in and try to infiltrate the ship. A pretty cool space fight occurs here, and after Jet’s ship gets badly damaged he decides to use an escape pod to immediately reach the carrier.

As Jet enters the ship, Whodi and the one remaining prisoner are watching him through the cameras, but Whodi tells the other guy that Jet is his target. The other guy goes off to try and reach the escape pod, but upon opening the door to it, he’s sucked into space because a giant hole has taken the place of the escape pod room.


Jet finds Whodi and the two of them begin fighting, Jet’s mechanical arm saves him from a direct shot to the head, and then he begins to bash in Whodi, but Whodi stabs Jet in the leg and begins talking. Turns out, it was Jet’s partner Fad who had shot Jet and was the cause of his lost arm. Fad was on the payroll for the same syndicate as Whodi, and when they went after Whodi, Jet and Fad split and up Fad would end up shooting Jet, all as planned. As soon as Whodi’s story is over though, Fad comes out of nowhere and shoots him directly in the head.

Jet questions Fad why he did it, and Fad replies telling him that Jet had too many ideals, and that because he was too stubborn and focused on being a good cop and wouldn’t play the syndicate’s game, he had to be either removed from the ISSP or killed. Immediately after this short story, Fad points the gun at Jet, but Jet shoots Fad first, killing him there in the ship.

Well I was expecting a better, more in-depth story about how Jet lost his arm but that, apparently, was not what I was going to get.

For this episode, I’m giving a 3.5/5. The action that was missing for so long was finally brought back, but as interesting as the story given was; it was entirely lacking entertainment. I was bored at the slow pace this episode was taking, going one step at a time unlike Faye’s story that was quick and to the point. I mean, I love Jet as a character and all of his father-like dopiness but none of that was visible here. The entire time he was completely serious, and when he’s serious he’s just not entertaining to watch. Soundtrack was also lacking, and the constant dark rooms and dark atmosphere made watching this episode seem all gloomy and even less exciting than it actually was.


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