Season 1, Episode 15: My Funny Valentine

March 21, 2010

It’s getting really late now, but the darkness is perfect for watching another episode of Cowboy Bebop.

Episode starts with Jet and Ed talking about some new bounty that Jet’s going to have to go after, some small crook. Unfortunately Jet’s not getting any good bounty deals and since they still live in a universe in which money is still the only god that everyone can agree on; he’s going to have to take what he can get. Meanwhile, Faye is asleep in the other room and is awoken by Ein. She says that Ein reminds him of someone from her past and asks if Ein wants to hear about it. I, in real life, say out loud at this point: “Yes. Yes I want to hear about it. I’m watching a story about four people whom I know nothing about, hell yes I want to hear about it.” Ein yawns in her face, begins to lie down and she starts telling.

In the next scene, we see two doctors unfreezing a patient, who upon awakening can’t remember anything and is in a large amount of debt.

Awesome, another episode full of back-story.

We’re getting an insight into Faye’s past, and apparently she was the woman that was unfrozen. At the age of 20, she was involved in an accident that medical technology couldn’t rescue her from at the time. She was awoken 54 years later, still at the age of 20, and now had a lot of medical bills to pay plus she had Amnesia. To bring a case up against the hospital she was given the lawyer Whitney Haagus Motzomoto, whom she mentioned was the person that Ein reminded her of.

Faye had decided to attempt to run away from the hospital, due to her inability to pay 300 million, which is honestly unfair. You take a person that’s near death, freeze them for 50 years because you couldn’t save them, then unfreeze them and expect them to pay. I doubt that Faye had the ability to, at the time of her accident, actually make the decision of whether or not she wanted to be frozen- so why is it up to her to pay for everything? That really bothers me. For the first time, I’m actually seriously bothered rather than jokingly bothered. Anyway, Whitney goes after Faye and tells her he’s going to help her make the payments and gets her back to the hospital.

The two end up instead going around the city, for what seems like a few days. Meanwhile, an awful terrible song plays in the background of a short montage of Faye and Whitney dancing, eating, and doing other date-like things. However, while driving to the city, Faye and Whitney are chased down by a debt collector aircraft, and Whitney instructs Faye to leave the car and run to the hospital, and that he’ll be quick to follow. However, Whitney’s car ends up getting blown up. Faye returns to the hospital though, to find that Whitney had changed his will so that in case of his death all of his assets were to be transferred to Faye. Problem for Faye was that it was all debt.

Faye finishes telling her story to Ein, and it turns out that Spike was nearby and heard the whole thing. Faye asks spike in a mean tone “How long were you waiting there?” and Spike gives the most awesome reply ever: “Too long, your story needs editing.”

Jet arrives back from his bounty hunt with the small-time convict, and Faye recognizes him (here comes the twist) and it turns out its Whitney.

Faye decides to speak privately to Whitney, who tells her that after the accident he had fat implanted into his body in order to start a new identity, free of debt. Sounds somewhat low-life-like to me, taking a girl who already owns 300 million and giving her even more debt to take care of. Either way, the police spaceship comes to get ready to take Whitney away, and who’s inside the ship? The two doctors from the hospital, ready to take Whitney. However, Faye decides to help Whitney escape instead.

Faye and Whitney get into Faye’s ship and attempt to escape. Spike, however, decides to go chase her down and they have a short aerial fight, which was entirely lackluster. After the fight ends, Faye begins to question Whitney about her past, when suddenly the doctor’s tune into her ship’s frequency and tell her that no one knows who she is. When the earth astral gate was destroyed all of her information disappeared, and that’s all we find out about Faye. After giving away this information, we learn that the doctors had actually stolen the police ship and begin to escape from the actual police, at which point Faye decides to hand over Whitney and get her bounty.

3.5/5. This episode went by way too quickly and didn’t even give me a lot to write about.  It also completely disappointed me by not having ANY information on Faye’s past from before she was frozen. As far as story goes, this episode was weak but on the other hand it was entertaining. Spike had quite a few great one-liners and while the action was completely lacking (yet again) it still held my attention throughout the entire episode. The soundtrack was extremely weak though, the weakest it’s been since Heavy Metal Queen. It was interesting though to find out a little bit about Faye’s background, even though I’m still entirely disappointed that there was no more. I did enjoy watching this episode, and was definitely interested in it but the (almost lazy) way that Faye’s background just goes untold is just disheartening.


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