Season 1, Episode 13: Jupiter Jazz Part 2

March 20, 2010

So leaving off from the last episode, Spike is on the ground after being shot and Faye has just found that her friend Gren is working with Vicious. We begin with Gren telling Faye his/her story. I think I’m just going to go with her. Yeah, her story. Her and Vicious use to work together on the planet Titan, which I know is one of Jupiter’s moons.

Make that HIS story, turns out that after he returned from the war on Titan with Vicious, he was sent to prison under the suspicion of being a spy, and supposedly it was Vicious who had testified against him. After getting out, he started to go crazy and was given an experimental drug that messed with his hormones turning him into what people like me on the internet would call a trap. A man with estrogen hormones who has a female body but has the male organ. Gren agreed to make the deal with Vicious because he wanted to know whether or not Vicious really framed him.

Back where Jet is, Jet is looking for Faye and while finding little information about her, he finds out a little about Julia, specifically that she had been there two years earlier. Immediately after, we’re cut back to the scene from the first episode where Spike dropped a rose into a puddle, and it’s another flashback.

The flashback didn’t explain anything, just a bunch of random snippets of dialogue and past scenes, but at least we know Spike is still alive. Spike wakes up with a raven looking right at him, and puts a cigarette in his mouth. He searches for the bullet wound and finds that instead of a bullet he was hit with a tranquilizer, and in comedic fashion says “They’re mocking me.”

Jet finds the building he’s looking for and after breaking into Gren’s apartment, finds Faye handcuffed and sleeping. When Faye mentions Gren’s name Jet replies “Gren again.” I’m not sure if I’m supposed to find that as weird as I think it sounds, because as far as I know, Jet has yet to meet Gren or have anything to do with Gren, so him saying “Gren again” seems very strange. Unless he has something in his past that has to do with Gren. Jet calls Spike telling him about the bounty on Gren’s head, and tells him that if he manages to catch Gren, he’ll let Spike back on the bebop team.

Vicious calls Gren and tells him to meet him on the tallest building in the city, and Gren tells him he’s going to send a woman up there instead of himself. The woman turns out to actually be himself, but Vicious doesn’t know until the deal is done, at which point- after making it clear that it was Gren making the deal and not just a woman, he kicks back the suitcase that Vicious gives to him and shoots it until it explodes, it apparently contained a bomb inside and Gren was fully aware of it. Spike sees the explosion and begins to fly towards it.

Gren tells Vicious that the music box that Vicious gave him during the war contained a solar transmitter, but the show fails to explain what it does or what it is. All they say is that this Julia character was the one that found it. Suddenly, Gren begins shooting at Vicious and Lynn jumps in front of Vicious and gets killed instead. At the same time, Spike fly’s over the building and begins to fire at them, at which point Gren and Vicious both get into their own ships and it’s an aerial battle against Vicious, who’s right wing suddenly explodes at the end of a short flashback. It looked pretty good, however this scene seemed somewhat lacking in action, especially since it was the only scene in the episode that had any, and I’d expect a little more for three way aerial combat.

After Vicious’s ship goes down, Gren’s ship does too, however Gren is not in good condition. Spike goes to help him, but finds that he is going to die from an internal injury. Gren, rather than waiting for an ambulance to come, tells Spike he’d rather just get in his ship and try to fly to Titan, just to see it one last time. Spike decides to help him into his ship. Spike returns to the bebop empty-handed, but Jet allows him in. There is no telling what has happened to Vicious, but I have a feeling he’s probably still alive.

This episode gets a 4/5. I guess I was hoping for better. It didn’t really explain much of the back-story to Spike, in fact all it did was bring up Julia, and show that whoever Julia is, she has a lot of power over him. The episode did however have a great soundtrack, especially the ending song which was a mix of some kind of African tribal chant and jazz. It reminded me of something off Panda Bear’s “Person Pitch”, but not too much. The episode lacked a lot of action, and but it kept my interest throughout. I still don’t fully understand why Jet said “Gren again?” I’m thinking though that the reason I gave this a 4 rather than something higher was because I had hyped it up for myself. I was expecting an episode that would be spectacular, similar to ballad of fallen angels where Vicious made his first appearance, but I was wrong. This episode ended rather strangely though, it actually rolled credits before showing the “See you space cowboy”, and had a different, much stranger, message at the end in its place.


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