Season 1, Episode 9: Jamming with Edward

March 19, 2010

Friday, 1:34 PM. Nothing to do, nowhere to be, and I don’t feel like enjoying the beautiful weather. I do however feel like opening the window while I sit down to watch episode 9 of Cowboy Bebop.

Well this episode started off pretty awesomely, some kind of satellite was floating in the air and it just bluntly states “Here, nobody here, always alone.” Immediately afterwards it sprays laser beams onto a planet and creates the Nasca Lines in the surface. I thought it was pretty awesome.

For the first time since the start of the series, the show is making satirical remarks on real life, something that I was not expecting from a series that seemed to be so serious. The Bebop crew is watching TV in their ship and the news is on and has a guest speaker who’s speaking about the new “lines that have appeared in the off-limits area known as South America”, obviously referring to the Nasca lines. The guest speaker is going off about how it’s a conspiracy and the newscaster beside him is telling him they know it was a hacker who hacked into a dormant satellite, and the conspiracy theorist says that aliens implemented the idea into the hackers mind. I just thought it was worth pointing out since the show hadn’t done it up to now, it seemed like it was entirely set in its own universe with no relation to ours up until this point.  Either way, the hacker has a huge bounty on his head and Jet and Faye are going to go after him. Spike however is going to sit it out, and that’s putting me under the impression that this is going to be a very boring episode. How can you remove the most interesting character in the show from, what I suspect to be, the main plot of this episode and still try to make me (the viewer) interested in watching it?

Well we’re getting some insight into our place in the show and by “our” I mean planet Earth. Earth had its surface destroyed by a gate explosion and the people of Earth have migrated underground to protect themselves, and in order to keep in touch with the outside world they have build a huge network of super computers. Is this our actual future? If it is, I call being Spike. I said it first so it’s mine.

Back on earth, we see a small redheaded teenager named Edward (that name sounds familiar) who’s being stalked by the Police, they break into a warehouse where Edward is and apparently Edward shows himself to be a super hacker, as he hacks into the Police airship from the warehouse using a remote and then crashes it into the ground. Edward seems to be a very “spaced out” character, he’s been in a scene earlier in the episode and has been doing nothing other than having fun, at one point typing on a computer with his feet. In fact, during that same scene he was searching for the Bebop and seemed excited when he found out they were coming to Earth, which is where he is located. So far it looks like the episode is trying to give the impression that Edward is the super hacker who hacked into the satellite.

So this Edward character is TOO excited about the Bebop. He hacks into the Bebop’s computers and finds out that their searching for the hacker who hacked into the satellite. His over-excitement, and what seems to be obsession, about the Bebop crew is leading me to believe he’s going to try and either join the Bebop or kill everyone on it. He seems too happy though to kill them, so it’s probably going to end up being joining.

Jet is searching a small town on Earth to try and get information on the hacker and everyone’s telling him that it’s Edward. Turns out that Edward is considered to be a kind of folk hero, everyone has a different idea of what he is and there’s all of these legends surrounding him. The only thing that’s certain is that he’s an amazing hacker. We go back to Ed, and he’s hacking into the Satellite that was previously hacked and trying to find out who hacked it (so it wasn’t him like I thought, wanna fight about it?)  But it turns out that no one has hacked it, instead there is a voice coming from within the satellite.

Back in the Bebop, they’re trying to figure out who exactly they’re searching for, and according to the gossip that Jet has learned it’s a “7 foot tall ex-basketball pro Hindu guru drag queen alien.”

And back again with Ed, he’s talking to the satellite which has sprouted its own life. It’s saying how before (it doesn’t explain before what, but the best guess is before the gate exploded), he (the satellite) use to look down on earth and see many large carvings in the Earth, but now they were gone so he wanted to see them again so he remade them himself. Himself being the Satellite. However, the chat between Ed and the Satellite is cut short when Police jam the signal. Ed at this point decides to hack into the Bebop crew’s computer and begins telling him how he’s found that no one hacked anything. He tells them that their going to have to go to the satellite manually, shut it down without blowing it up, and then download the personality of the computer onto a disk in order to get their bounty. However, the reason why they can’t use weapons is because if they do, the “zillions” of other satellites around the one they’re going after will begin attacking them. Jet says this is impossible, and Spike replies that this is a job he likes to do. So finally, Spike’s back. Meanwhile, Ed tells them that he can prove that there’s no hacker and all he wants in return is a favor, he doesn’t even want any of the reward.

Spike’s out in space and ready to begin trying to take down this Satellite, when the Satellite somehow spots him. When it does, Spike fires a laser but misses when an attack satellite blocks the beam from hitting the one they’re going after. Now all the attack satellites are in attack mode, and finally there’s going to be some action happening because they are going to have to destroy all of them. However, while this is happening Ed hacks into the computers and tells them that all Spike has to do is reach the satellite and the attack satellites won’t fire at him because of the proximity. So much for the action.

Well, Spike reaches the satellite, inputs the download disk, and Ed hacks into it and talks to the voice in the satellite and tells it what’s going on. Ed has a very childlike innocence to his character, all he does is play and mess around, and even when he’s hacking all you see on the screen are smiley faces.

Well, episode has reached its end and it seems that for once Spike and Jet might get their bounty. The satellite turned out to be a spy satellite which, with absence from earths commands was set to self-activate, and since the Earth’s surface was completely wrecked and the people were sent underground, it had stopped receiving communication. Anyway, the Bebop crew is ready to leave Earth but Ed hacks the Bebop computers to force it to come back and take Ed with them and that was the favor he wanted in return for the information.

Oh but look at that, turns out they aren’t getting their bounty. According to legal terms, bounty only applies to humans and human-like beings, not computers, and the Bebop crew isn’t happy about that. Spike is even less happy, as he tells Jet the three things he hates most. Kids, Animals, and Women with attitude, all three of which are now stuck on the ship with him.

And right before the episode ends, I find out something I wasn’t expecting at all. Edward is a GIRL. That doesn’t make sense at all.

This episode gets a 3/5. I was kind of bored throughout it, it wasn’t special. It added a new character to the Bebop crew, which is going to take away more screen time from the Jesus-like figure (at least to me he is) that is Spike, and it didn’t have any action. The soundtrack was boring, but at least the episode wasn’t as horrid as Heavy Metal Queen. What made up for all its lacking was the humor of this episode, from the conspiracy theorist, to Ed’s general child-like behavior, and Spike’s few jokes throughout the episode. Without the humor, this would’ve been more boring than Heavy Metal Queen, which I’ll repeat, was horrid save for that one scene where Spike does the gunshot in outer space. There wasn’t even anything worth really screen-shotting and putting up in this episode, all the scenes were lackluster other than the introduction, and there weren’t any moments that I actually wanted to take out of the show and put into the blog. This episode is going to read like a boring essay, and I know it (which is probably how all my blogs read like.)


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