Season 1, Episode 12 : Jupiter Jazz Part 1

March 19, 2010

Back from work and its 10:30pm, and god do I want to watch some Bebop. I hope to god this is a good episode, or else I’m going to throw my hands up in the air go “pfffffffffft” and then sit here and deal with it.

The episode has started and it’s already showing promise to be amazing because Vicious is back. Vicious is talking to a group of elders about helping out a man on Calysto. He is being accompanied by another man who is at the meeting named Lynn. I’m so certain that this episode is going to have to do with Spike’s history again and the last time Vicious was in an episode, that episode was perfect. I hope this is one is going to be perfect to.

Back on the Bebop, Faye has apparently left. She left behind a note saying that she didn’t want to have anyone look for her, and even though Spike was as ecstatic about it (Although he didn’t show it), Jet somewhat ruined his celebration by telling him that she had taken all the anti-freeze from the ship, and cleaned out the safe before leaving.

They go to Ed who’s in the process of hacking to find where Faye has gone off to and instead he finds someone by the name of Julia. As soon as Spike hears that name he has a short flashback before almost attacking Ed to find more information, but Ed get’s her signal cut off. Oh yeah, this definitely has Spike’s back-story written all over it.

After getting cut off, Spike runs off to go find this Julia character while Jet follows him trying to convince him otherwise. Jet wants Spike to help him look for Faye so they can get the money back, but Spike isn’t planning to and ends up just leaving, but not before the two argue and Jet basically kicks Spike off the bebop team. Immediately after we’re cut to a short scene where Faye is in some kind of gloomy jazz bar, looking almost entirely depressed and drinking down liquor. I could go for some liquor right now. A vodka tonic sounds pretty good to me.

Spike is on the ground of the same planet as Faye, and he’s looking for information on Julia, which he doesn’t have much luck with. However, back where Faye is, we find out that there are no women at all in that town. Weird. Totally weird, how can you have an entire town without women? That’s crazy. Too crazy, even for this cartoon. Meanwhile, Spike is still searching for information, but now for a man named Gren who is said to have been seen walking around with women. After asking a stranger in an alleyway for information on Gren, he is followed by several men wearing gas masks. Spike begins to run away, but after turning the corner he stops to wait for them. One of the men steps out of the group and tells him that he wants the money, and calls Spike by the name Vicious, and this makes Spike pissed. He jumps into the crowd of them and starts beating the hell out of each of them. This episode is great.

Spike beats them all up and finds out that Gren was supposed to sell Vicious some red eye, the same drug that was used in the first episode to help make the user extremely fast and strong. After this scene ends, we see Jet now on the same planet as the others, and he’s walked into a bar. He takes a seat and starts watching the television and hears about a bounty on a man named Gren, the same one that Spike was looking for, and the one that told Faye that there are no women in this town.

We’re cut to Faye who’s walking down an empty alley, but is hoping someone would follow her because she wants to beat someone up for no reason at all. She is stopped by the same men who went after Spike, and after kicking one of them in the face, Gren comes out of nowhere and hits the leader in the face with his saxophone case, which must hurt like hell. Somehow the guy manages to get right back up though, but I don’t find that realistic at all. I mean, it’s a case with a giant instrument inside, it has to hurt, I’m sure of it.

Gren takes Faye by the hand and the two of them run away successfully and go to Gren’s home. Gren in an earlier scene had told Faye that he wasn’t interested in women. Not surprising because you’d have to not be if you live in a city where none of them exist. The two talk about why Faye left the Bebop [although through a different topic] and Gren accesses from Faye’s story that she left because she was afraid of the Bebop crew leaving her, so she had to leave first. Makes sense given Faye’s character. Gren goes to take a shower; meanwhile Faye decides to look around Gren’s house. While she’s looking, someone calls and the answering machine picks up. Turns out Its Vicious, and as soon as he’s done leaving a message, Spike shows up at Vicious’s location and asks “Are you seeing Julia behind my back?”

Back at Gren’s apartment, Faye goes into the bathroom with her gun, and points it at Gren who’s still in the shower to find that it’s actually a woman. Or a hermaphrodite/transvestite. I don’t know, it’s really unexplained, and it doesn’t help that she asks Gren “Which one are you?” and Gren responds with “I am both and neither at once.” Meanwhile, Spike is pointing a gun at Vicious, but Lynn comes in front of Vicious and points a gun back at Spike, we find out from one single line that Lynn use to work for Spike, but we don’t find out more. Spike tries to get Lynn to move, but Lynn refuses and shoots Spike, then they both leave with Spike down on the ground.

I give this episode a 4/5. It’s apparently a two part episode, so I’m expecting the second part to be perfect and answer everything, but this episode was somewhat lacking. I can’t really say what it was lacking exactly, even though I’m trying to figure it out, but what it did have was great. It had a great story, good dialogue, and if I had to wait an actual week to watch the second part of this episode I’d be in suspense for an entire week, however luckily for me I have all the episodes here, and the reason I’m not so worried about Spike’s possible death from the gunshot is because I know there is over ten more episodes of this show left and that Spike’s definitely going to be alive in at least one of them. One thing it was missing though, although it wasn’t what I feel was majorly missing, was soundtrack. There was nothing memorable in this episodes music, not a single thing. I am so doing part two of this episode right now though. Actually, I think what was missing was the actual back-story I’m so looking forward to finding out. While some new questions were asked in this episode, no answers were given and all I can do now is hope that the next one answers them. I want to know who Julia is damn it.


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