Season 1, Episode 11: Toys in the Attic

March 19, 2010

2 down, 7 more to go. I proved to myself last time I couldn’t manage time properly when I had to do 4 episodes in one day, and now I have 2 ½ days to do 9 episodes. Terrible, terrible choice.

A very creepy introduction, just something shuffling along and sniffing around in complete darkness, not at all weird. Actually I’m lying, it was weird.

Jet’s writing a journal entry and he explains what that a bounty hunter is basically just someone who is self-employed. When there’s no work, you no one’s around to help the bounty hunters, so they start looking for ways to make quick cash. Immediately after, we see Faye and Jet gambling with each other for money, and Jet losing everything. Almost comically-like, but not in the funny way that makes you laugh, more like the funny way in Greek plays. You know, the way that isn’t really funny at all but whoever’s teaching you the play will try and make funny, but it’s still not going to be funny because the humor is so prehistoric there’s nothing really funny about what’s happening. That kind of funny but not funny at all.

Jet seems to be narrating this episode, and in the next scene we hear him saying that man was meant to sweat to make a living, and those who tried to live otherwise would receive divine retribution.It’s a lesson we learned before, but we as people forget it easily. We see Jet enter a storage room, where he finds a refrigerator and has no idea what it’s doing there. We also are randomly shuffled into a similar scene as the introduction, it seems like we’re following some kind of mouse through the pipes of the Bebop. Kind of creepy.

Or Jet isn’t narrating everything, it seems that its going from character to character letting each one narrate a bit of what’s happening, each one explaining their own ideas. Faye’s narrating now and she’s saying that life is about either deceiving or being deceived, nothing good ever came out of trusting others for her and the only way she’ll stay ahead is by deceiving everyone else. Suddenly the alarm rings and her and Spike rush to Jet who’s in the storage room. He’s on the floor saying something bit him, but they all believe it’s just a mouse and leave. I’m guessing that’s the plot for this episode. Pretty slow so far.

Jet tries to get some medicine from Spike because the wounds making him feel sick, and as Spike is giving him it (a dead lizard, boiled and mixed with other awful sounding things), Jet passes out. The wound on his neck has turned big and is glowing almost, well things are getting interesting now.

The entire crew is trying to figure out what it is that Jet is infected with. Spike thinks its from a mutated rat, and Ed thinks it’s an alien. I like Ed, she’s this weird funny character running around the ship acting like a little child in a funny way. During this whole scene she’s bouncing up and down the walls yelling out “spooky alien mystery” and it’s nice to have one character who actually talks whenever they want to, rather than only when they have to.

Well, Faye goes off to take a bath and from above her in the vents something is watching her, she notices that something fell from the ceiling but she doesn’t seem to care. This is either a very sloppy pervert or the mutant creature that’s about to kill the crew. Either way, Spike and Ed get thermal vision to go look after it.

Ed runs off to chase Ein with the thermal camera, while Spike uses his and finds something quickly running on the floor. Before he’s able to go chase after it, Faye stops Spike and shows that she’s been bit but not before starting this broadway play-esque rant about how she has so much to live for and how its all not fair. I swear, this better be a good looking monster. If this is just some ordinary rat looking thing then I’m going to be a little angry, I’m expecting the coolest best looking small scary creepy thing to be the culprit and I better get something that fits my expectation, as spoiled and bratty as it sounds.

Ed is walking around with her thermal vision, and she’s talking to herself just as Faye and Jet previously were. Ed’s life is basically run by this one statement which is all she really says while narrating for herself. “If you see a stranger, follow them.” I like it. Ein and Ed get separated and Ein get’s attacked by the creature. I feel worse for the dog than for the people.

Spike finds Ein, and notices the creature is still around but without knowing what it is, he isn’t planning on fighting it. Spike grabs Ein and runs out of there, which I’m sure anyone else would’ve done as well being that theres a crazy alien lifeform on your ship injecting poison into everyone’s bloodstream. After dropping Ein off, Spike grabs all the weapons he can to get ready to kill this creature.

Then, Spike sets the ship to autopilot to mars and then begins his search around the ship. Ed is still missing and after finding her thermal device, Spike thinks the creature has got her too. Spike finds the creature, and after dodging a quick blow to it, he sends out two grenades with poisonous gas to try and poison it, and then locks it in the room. Jobs done, right, not with Spike it isn’t. He wants a cigarette, but he dropped his cigarettes inside. So of course he goes back in and then runs immediately out with the creature chasing him, and we see that it is some kind of weird shapeless black blob.

Spike not only manages to dodge the blob when it jumps at him, but also shoot it with his pistol, pull out his flamethrower, and ignite it until it is dead. I don’t believe it, even for a cartoon. Spike comes up to the creature, now dead, and recognizes the way it smells. Then he begins to remember everything. Turns out a year ago he had gotten hold of a very rare lobster, and hid it in the refrigerator in the storage room so no one would find it, but he had completely forgotten about it. Spike turns off the gravity inside the ship, and takes the refrigerator to the…I don’t know how to explain it, but the room the bebop has that they can eject stuff into space from. Its apparently a huge room, and Spike is floating in it, waiting at the controls for the refrigerator to get closer to the bottom, when suddenly from the side of it the black blob attacks him and begins running up, Spike has no choice but to open the hatch before it gets back into the ship, which he does. The refrigerator flies out, but Spike is bitten and is now just floating half unconscious in that room. The blob did get back into the ship though, and it finds Ed, who apparently wasn’t bit but instead had decided to take a nap. It comes closer and closer to Ed, and Ed just grabs it and eats it. Disgusting. So what does Spike’s narrating give us as our lesson, as Faye, Jet, and Ed’s narrating did? “Don’t leave things in the fridge.”

4.5/5. It was a really great episode, it had no major story that was all important to the entire series, had barely any action, and had an entirely absent soundtrack but it was great. It was interesting for the most of it, and the ending of it was even more great by the fact that Ed said “I couldn’t eat another bite” after swallowing the blob, which earlier he said too right before the attacks began. It was just such a great episode. I wish I could explain why I thought it was so good but I really don’t think I can do much more than say that it was surprisingly entertaining. Ed is another character I like seeing, and its making this show so much better having Ed around and just doing weird wacky things for no reason at all, and a quarter of the episode was just listening to her talk about nothing and make up songs about nothing. While this wouldn’t be my favorite episode of the series, thus far it was the most entertaining.


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