Season 1, Episode 10: Ganymede Elegy

March 19, 2010

An hour after finishing the last episode, I’m back in for the next episode. The last one really made me not want to do this, but god I am hoping that there is a better episode on the way.

This episode starts in the Bebop, where there is a scruffy looking guy tied up to a wall, and Ein (the dog) is watching barking wildly in the room with him. The guy kicks a soda can at Ein, and out of the ceiling comes Ed who’s pretending to act like a dog, and begins biting the guy who’s tied up, probably as some sort of weird revenge for Ein. I don’t know Ed’s a weird character.

Next, we move onto a scene with Jet who’s sitting at the control’s spacing out while looking at some watch, he has a short flashback where he walks into a room and the watch is on a bed with a letter with it, and some woman is walking away. Might we see more of Jet’s story this episode? God I hope so.  Anyway, the crew is on its way to Ganymead which is where Jet is supposedly from. Faye begins to bother Jet about how it’s his home, and maybe he was spacing out about some woman he left crying for him when he left or vice-versa, and Jet gets angry at her. More signs that this episode is going to have something to do with Jet’s past.

Jet started to radio the police on Ganymead to get permission to land, and it turned out that one of his old friends was the one who got the transmission. They began talking when suddenly his friend mentioned someone by the name of Lisa or something of the sort and how she has some business and owes debt; apparently she was the woman who was leaving in the flashback. Either way, I’m excited about this episode already; I’m like 100% certain this is going to be Jet’s story.

Jet goes to the bar where his friend Lisa is, and they do nothing but small-talk really. Kind of boring, but I’m on the edge of my seat anticipating the scene where Jet flashbacks into him killing everyone and then losing his arm and going home and losing his wife, that’s what I expect at the very least. Before the scene ends though, Jet puts the watch on the table and asks her if she remembers.

OH BOY, here comes the plot. So in the last scene we found that Lisa had a boyfriend named Rhint, and back at the Bebop, Spike just got a new message from the Ganymead Police saying they have a new bounty, and it has yet to be disclosed to the public. So who else would the bounty be on but Lisa’s boyfriend Rhint. Well, this episode’s looking good so far.

Spike goes off to find Jet, probably to get his help in getting Rhint, but he can’t get him to pick up his phone. Back at the bar, Jet and Lisa are talking about things, as Jet asks her why she left. She doesn’t explain it at all and I’m completely disappointed that she didn’t, damn it, I want story. She just gives Jet the watch back and tells her she has to go, and that she’s already forgotten the story of why she left.

Outside, we see Rhint sitting trying to light up a cigarette but his lighter isn’t igniting, and he’s having flashbacks. We see him and Lisa being restrained by two men, and another man talking and then Rhint breaking out of the hold, stealing a gun from one of the men and pointing and firing it at the man talking. This is the event that caused the bounty to be put on Rhint’s head, and explains why earlier when Jet told Lisa he was a bounty hunter she had a surprised and scared look on her face.

Jet has left the bar with no answer, and Rhint has gone back inside. Rhint and Lisa begin talking and they decide to immediately leave by boat, they get in and as they’re beginning to get out to sea, Spike spots them from above and begins following them. I thought it was kind of funny when he decided to say “Looks like all my good karma is finally paying off” when he saw them leaving. God, Spike’s in so little of this episode and he still makes it awesome just by showing up for a second.

Spike begins to chase after them, but they decide to go into a tunnel which Spike’s airship can’t go into, he begins to fly straight up into the air along a large skyscraper, and almost crashes into Jet’s ship. I thought this was actually a pretty cool scene, Jet dodges it and they both begin to go after Rhint, but Jet tells Spike to back off and that he’ll handle it on his own terms. Jet goes after them and hooks them with the grappling hook on his ship.

Jet breaks the engines off of the boat using the grappling hook and the boat crashes into the side of the city. Rhint and Lisa get out of the boat and Jet lands and goes after them to see if they’re alright. Upon finding them though, Lisa turns around and points the gun at Jet.

Jet begins to walk forward, and Lisa nervously begins shooting, missing all of her shots. Jet continues walking forward, slowly step by step. The best part of this is the silence. It’s completely silent other than the two of them, and it works perfectly with this scene, making it more and more dramatic with each step Jet takes forward. Jet tells her that if he doesn’t catch him, someone else will be after him as well but by then she’ll have a bounty as well for being an accomplice. Lisa drops the gun and begins talking about why she left, telling him that she left because Jet made all the decisions, he was always right and Lisa wanted to make decisions for herself even if they were wrong. Jet grabs Rhint, who’s screaming about not wanting to go to prison, and punches him. He tells him to be strong and that he’ll get through it, and the scene immediately changes to that of Police arresting Rhint. Lisa says she’ll go back to the bar and wait for him, and Jet begins to leave. However, before he goes he finds the watch in his pocket and throws it into the ocean. A fitting end for this episode.

This episode was certainly better than the last one, or maybe I’m just giving this such a good score because the last one was so boring. Once again, the soundtrack was quite dull, nothing special. Nothing amazed me. On the other hand, the story was great. This episode gave more background into Jet, and made even more certain of his role as a father-like figure to the Bebop crew. While the action was terribly lacking in this episode, the drama was high and that’s what made it good. The use of silence though, was great. Even without Spike being present for more than maybe two minutes of this episode, it showed that Jet is just as interesting of a character as Spike is. What could’ve given this a perfect score would’ve been if there were better choices for the music. 4.5/5


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