Season 1, Episode 7: Heavy Metal Queen

March 4, 2010

8:15PM. I have less than 24 hours until these last two episodes are due. Can I pull it off? Well, of course I can, it’s not that hard, so let me rephrase that; can I pull it off without procrastinating until the last minute? Well, after this there will only be one left, and after listening to half of Modest Mouse’s “Lonesome Crowded West”, I feel energized.

The episode begins in space, where we can see Trucks delivering stuff and driving around back and forth. However, that’s not what I’m going to focus on in this scene; instead I’ll look at the soundtrack. It’s the seventh episode and for the first time I’ve heard an electric guitar, not only that, it was also distorted and used for an 80’s power metal type song that was playing in the background of the trucks. Guess that’s what I should of expected for an episode titled “Heavy Metal Queen.” Although I’m pretty sure the metal they’re referring to will probably be the trucks. Anyway, the character that seems to be the focus here is someone by the name of VT. She’s one of the truck drivers and she’s got a cat that follows her. In the truck stop she has some small chit-chat with another trucker and then the trucker bets her money that he can guess her real name. After he fails, she pulls out a wad of cash and puts his bet into it, guess a lot of people play this game.

Well, VT goes into a diner that’s full of bounty hunters, one of which is…guess who! Spike! Spike apparently has a hangover, and got “exclusive” information about someone named Decker who’s supposed to come into the diner and has a dragon tattoo thing is, it’s not exclusive info at all, and the entire diner is full of bounty hunters. Faye also goes searching for Decker, but she goes into an ice cream shop, where she finds someone who she thinks is Decker.

However, the person she finds isn’t Decker, and the actual Decker ends up running away because she mistakes her “fake Decker’s” tattoo for a dragon, when it’s actually an eel. It was kind of humorous but, it wasn’t that great.

Back at the diner, VT starts a fight with three of the bounty hunters because of the way they were treating one of the waitresses, as they’re fighting, Spike is sitting at the bar with a raw egg for his hangover. One of the guys that VT is fighting with bumps into Spike, making him drop his egg, at which point he gets up and helps VT beat the hell out of them.

While this is all happening at the diner, Faye has gone chasing after the real Decker in her aircraft and has got him at the truck station. However, as she gets close Decker pulls out a vial and lets it float towards her direction, when it reaches her it explodes and she’s unable to catch him. Bebop crew can never catch anyone, can they? Every episode, whoever they are after is dead without them ever being able to turn them in. I don’t know how they can be called bounty hunters if all they seem to do is fail at it.

Well, after the fight outside the diner, VT and Spike remain in the diner and talk. VT tells Spike that she hates bounty hunters but doesn’t know yet that Spike is a bounty hunter. As they’re talking though, Jet phones Spike and VT hears it and finds out that he’s a bounty hunter, at which point she tells him to leave. Sucks for Spike, I guess although I don’t see so far why VT matters at all to the story, I’m sure it’ll come up sooner or later. Anyway, upon leaving Spike finds that his aircraft has been completely vandalized by the people he helped beat up earlier. The waitress tells him that she saw the people who did it, and that she watched it happen. Spike asks her why she didn’t tell him, and she replies “I did tell you, I told you just now.” Spike was obviously not as amused at this as I was.

Unrelated to any of that though, the corgi finally has a name and it’s Ein.

Well, VT leaves the diner with her cat and finds Spike trying to hitch-hike a ride, at first VT refuses to take him but her cat decides to get on Spikes head and I guess it (kind of), begged her to take him. So she ends up taking Spike and Faye back to the Bebop.

We’re cut back to VT who’s driving her truck when she gets a call on her radio about a hit and run, possibly by Decker. She gets a lead from another trucker about someone near the mining planet, and sets off to get there. Meanwhile, back in the Bebop, Jet is trying to fix up Faye’s and Spike’s ship.

VT decides to go after Decker though, and ends up following him into the Mines by truck. She gets on the radio and gets on the line with Spike who tries to tell her to stay away from Decker because he’s carrying explosives, the line breaks up though and Spike and Faye are forced to go help her before Jet is able to entirely fix the ships. As VT chases Decker into the mines, Decker throws vials at her causing for the mines to become unstable and begin exploding. See, that’s how you know that Decker is a bad criminal. He’s inside the mines too and he’s about to get himself completely killed because of what he just did. But what makes him a dumb person, in general, is that he’s become a criminal in the first place, not because being a criminal is a dumb thing to be, but because he’s a criminal during Spike’s lifetime, and according to this entire show if you’re a criminal and Spike is anywhere within the universe you are currently residing in, you’re going to die before your time, which is exactly what happens to Decker. He ends up having some of the mining planet explode on him, causing him to die in his ship, however VT is able to speed past the explosions, so she’s still alive.

With Faye and Spike in their spacecrafts, and VT in her space-truck, they are all driving through the mines trying to find a way out, but as they get close to an exit it caves in but that’s not all, the entrance they just came from caved in too. How delightful!

They plan on escaping by using the explosives that Decker had in his truck to blow up the rocks. So using the pincer-like claws on Faye’s ship, she grabs out one of the explosives, and puts it in the escape pod that Spike released from his ship. However, Spike was inside the escape pod and after releasing it, he set it to self destruct in forty seconds. His plan was to have Faye put the explosive inside, and then for the pod to boost itself forward toward the wall and blow itself up, as the self-destruct is set to do. His plan for him not to die with it was to get out of the pod and jump to VT’s truck. He begins, and tries to jump for it, makes it onto the truck but is unable to be grabbed by VT. At which point he loses his grip on the truck and begins to float out. Oh god no. See, if Spike was to die here, I’d stop watching this show, fail the class and just say forget all of this. “This was a terrible, terrible show” is what I would say if he died here.  “If anyone is going to watch this, watch 1-6 only” is what I would add to that. However, as Spike is floating in space, he pulls out his gun and shoots it in the opposite direction of where he wants to go, and the force exerted from the gun pushes him into the direction he wants to go. This show and its physics, it’s interesting and beautiful.

He shoots the gun, gets into VT’s truck, and the pod begins to burst forward. It self destructs and huzzah, the day is saved. They can get away. However, half the entire mining planet got blown up because of what they had to do to break the rocks. Well, inside VT’s truck; her locket is floating around and comes into the hands of Spike, who opens it and figures out exactly who VT is. It turns out that she’s Victoria Turpscavey (It doesn’t spell her name anywhere, so I’m guessing it’s something like that), and she’s the wife of a legendary bounty hunter. He hands her back the locket which shows her with him, years ago. Turns out he’s dead now, and being that Spike got her name right, she hands over the money to him. He only takes a single bill out of it, and leaves the rest for her husband and tells her to “buy a prairie oyster for him, he’s going to need it up there.” The joke of that is that the raw egg that Spike had earlier was for a prairie oyster, which is the drink he was trying to make to get rid of his hangover. VT stated in the diner that her husband would drink it when he was hung-over too and was the only other person she knew that drank them.

This episode was pretty weak, it didn’t have enough action, its story was boring, and other than possibly setting the stage for a return of a legendary bounty hunter- it really didn’t have anything. It didn’t show me anything I didn’t know, it didn’t have some kind of surprising twist, and other than the one scene where Spike was floating through space and shot off the gun to get onto VT’s ship, it wasn’t exciting or anything. If I had to try to convince someone to watch this show using this episode, I don’t think I could convince anyone.  It just didn’t have anything special to it. Another thing is that the soundtrack was kind of bad. I was enjoying the use of blues and jazz for fight scenes and action scenes, but for this they used Power Metal and Speed Metal and that didn’t really work out well for me. Oh well, at least now it’s over and we can hopefully get back to a better Cowboy Bebop. Rating: 2/5, because it wasn’t an awful episode, and it wasn’t a good episode. It was just an episode in-between two other episodes.


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