Season 1, Episode 3: Honky Tonk Women

March 3, 2010

Its 12:09am, on this Monday (very early) morning, so why not do another episode?

Once again, I replayed the theme song three times before watching. I can’t get over it. It’s an infectious disease, and it makes me want to snap my fingers in applause, or actually give Miles Davis a try.

We begin tonight’s story in some unnamed city, where a violet haired voluptuous and “well dressed” (if you can count hot shorts and some kind of shortened tube top as dressed) walks into a shop, and quickly starts a gunfight, in which she seems to lose and get captured in. Not the best start for a new character.

While I could skip reviewing this scene, I have to because of Spike’s attitude and amazingness (not a real word, but Spike isn’t a real character either),  Spike and Jet are going down an elevator to a casino, talking about Jet’s dream when Spike makes a remark about how that dream is going to suck up their cash. In response, Jet points out the no smoking sign, and in response to that Spike swallows his cigarette. Yes, he swallows his cigarette. Spike is definitely my favorite character of the show so far, and probably of all animated shows.

Oh man, another moment of Spike’s glory. Three old men from the first episode are playing at one of the casino tables, not really sure what they are playing exactly. Either way, one card is face up and the other is face down, and the three of them are slowly making their way to flipping the card over when Spike comes along and taps the card three times. They flip it over and win, and Spike just grabs a bit of the winnings and says thanks for the tip.

Spike decides to go sit at the blackjack table where our captured female is dealing. Previous to this, there was a scene describing her natural ability to always win at card games without cheating, to quote the owner of the casino “She was just born to win.” Apparently this is that girl, and she’s called the Queen of Hearts. She’s been instructed to deal at the table until Spike, or at least a man that looks like Spike, arrives and then take all his money and give his last chip over to the owner who will erase all of this “Queen of Hearts” debt. The thing is, Spike is supposed to tip the dealer the last chip, so she does end up cleaning him out but instead of him giving her the last chip, he decides to hold onto it, and our lady gets angry and begins to chase after him as he leaves the table.

Oh my god, this episode keeps making Spike more and more awesome. So Spike apparently bumped into another man that looked just like him, and both of them only had one chip- however they swapped their single chips accidently. So our “Queen of Hearts” catches up to Spike, and tells him he was supposed to give her the chip, he calls her out on her cheating, BUT NOT BEFORE SWALLOWING THE CHIP, yes that’s right, he has swallowed the chip. She runs away as two guards begin to approach Spike. They tell him (this is where it gets awesome) that they want Spike to come with them so they can ask him some questions, and Spike responds with

“What kind of Questions?”

The security punches Spike in the face, who slowly regains his composure, and then proceeds to beat both the security up.

Our “Queen of Hearts” calls in her vehicle using her bracelet, all while Spike continues to beat the security mercilessly and now not only are there more of them, he’s entirely surrounded and continuing to beat them up. Jet shows up and in a slightly dopey way says to himself “Ooh! A fight!” and upon realizing its Spike shows his disappointment. Jet seems to be somewhat of Spike’s counterpart. Thus far, he always seems to be serious, and in his few moments of humor instead of the cool laid-back humor that Spike continuously shows, his is dopier and displays more humor upon himself rather than upon others. For example, Spike tells Jet to run as Jet is holding a huge pot of his winnings (which in an earlier scene he got from the slots) and he responds to Spike by saying “I haven’t cashed these in yet!”

So, as they all escape on the ‘Queens’ ship (which Jet and Spike just jumped onto, not into, onto)- we’re cut to a short scene where the casino boss and security put out a hit on the “Queen of Hearts”, but not before showing to us that the man they were actually after was the Spike look-alike swapped chips with Spike, and now Spike’s chip is the one that’s very important.

We’re back in the Bebop where the “Queen” has been handcuffed to a chair and exclaiming that she shouldn’t be handcuffed since she was the one who brought them to safety, Jet and Spike begin talking about how much money she owes them (for the earnings that Jet was unable to cash in) and she begins to talk about the chip. Spike (once again displaying his amazingness) coughs up the chip. That’s correct, he coughs up the chip. I don’t know how that can be possible, but he does it. Jet and Spike lock her in the bathroom, and they go off. Jet begins to analyze the said chip and finds there is a microchip hidden inside of it. While this is happening, Spike is watching the same TV show that had earlier shown him Abdul in the previous episode, and this time its bringing up our current bathroom restrained “Queen of Hearts” and now we finally have a name for her (And I can stop typing queen of hearts), Faye Valentine.

Faye apparently has a big bounty on her head. While this is happening however, Faye is using some kind of lipstick to communicate with the Casino boss, but she’s interrupted when Jet and Spike come to announce to her that they’re going to bring her into the Police Station to get her bounty. Faye whines a lot during the entire process, and continues to whine. She’s a very annoying character.

Jet’s starting to become another character I like more and more, but not because of his “cool” factor, but instead his humor. To quote him, and I’m going to say that this is definitely going to be my favorite quote of the episode,

“Its just like Charlie said in my dream, if you want to receive you have to give. See Spike? You got to listen to your dream, that’s how you find your dream girl!”

Which to me seemed like such a dad-like thing to say.

This conversation is interrupted, unfortunately, before Spike is able to give his sly remark to Jet by the Casino owner’s ship crashing into the Bebop. He begins to demand the chip be returned, when Jet begins to say that he knows what’s on the chip and according to him three years prior a company named SID developed a master encryption breaker, and then after its completion it disappeared and its creator was found dead. Well, the encryption breaker was itself, encrypted and required a key. The key was hidden inside a poker chip; the same one Spike and Jet have in their hands now.

Jet decides they will sell it to the owner, since its worthless to the Bebop crew, but as this is happening- Faye escapes her bathroom jail cell. In the coolest of fashions, Spike is sent out to do the transfer of money to poker chip, via space. With one member of the Casino crew standing opposite of Spike, on two different ends of the ship; they agree to exchange the money and the chip at the same time. However, in the middle of the ship is a large spinning windmill-esque object, which randomly blocks the view between the two. At three, spike releases the chip while the henchman pulls a gun out of the case and begins to shoot, only to find that the windmill-like object has blocked his view, and upon passing, Spike’s gone. Where did he go? He grabbed onto the windmill.

This man, this is jesus. He has pulled a poker chip out from his stomach, jumped into space without any tether or cord, and is now about to start a fight in space.

So as this fight is occurring, Faye has escaped on her ship from the bebop, and Spike has decided to defeat the henchman by doing one of the most terrifying things I can imagine a being to have to ever possibly go through, being kicked into outer space. Just out there, no tether or cord, he’s just gone.

Faye however, brings herself to the casino ship and decides to steal the cash. Upon which, the casino boss begins firing at her, and at Spike. Spike jumps off the ship, towards the Bebop as the Casino owner being firing missiles at Faye’s ship. Faye dodges all except one, which she “reverses the polarity” on and sends back towards the casino owner.

Upon safe landing on his own ship, Spike says another one of his laid-back lines,

“Guess she beat me again.”

They return where they began, walking into a Casino. The motif of ending where they began is once again being showcased, as Spike says “All this chip is good for now is just one single bet.”

I’d give this a 5/5. While this episode didn’t showcase the incredible soundtrack as much as the other episodes (although the music playing during the fight scene in space was quite fitting, and as always jazzy) it showcased the characters. Jet gained more of a defined personality and was shown to be the “leader” of bebop, as well as a humorous father-like character, especially when compared to Spike. Spike of course, continued his cool-streak and became more and more amazing, for one he showed off his fighting skills in two scenes of the episode, and he has always maintained a cool-head, even when running away in the Casino and fighting in space for his life. It did however for the first time show that he does have an emotion other than his “stoner-like” laid back approach when he was almost killed by a machine gun shooting at Faye from the Casino ship and began to freak out a little. This episode gave more insight into the characters, and even gave the Corgi some scenes, showing it as a playful watchdog of the Bebop yet to gain any importance, as when Faye had escaped her shackles, the Corgi began barking and chasing after her but jet wasn’t able to notice in time to grab her and maintain their reward. Speaking of which, once again they’ve come out of this without a bounty. How unfortunate for them.

This episode ended with a different line though.


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