Season 1, Episode 2: Stray Dog Strut

March 3, 2010

So, here we are a day later and at episode two.

Thrown right back into that amazing theme song and I’m going to put it on repeat two or three times before I decide to actually watch the episode.

The opening scene begins where a Jimi Hendrix lookalike (named Abdul) is removing bandages and throwing them into a toilet. Spike should teach him about the drain clogging as he did with Asimov, but Spike is nowhere to be found in this restroom. So three people barge in wearing lab coats trying to arrest Abdul and he beats them up. Pretty straight forward. He’s got some sort of briefcase. Maybe that’s where he keeps his bandages. Perhaps he goes from town to town, public restroom to public restroom throwing bandages into the toilets to clog them up- because as legend has it, if you clog it up enough Spike will come and probably get you killed and lose his bounty.

So now were in the ship, which I now know is called the Bebop. Spike is watching TV and apparently this Hendrix impersonator has a huge bounty on him, and of course Spike is going to take the case. The briefcase that Abdul carried contained a lab animal that he stole from a research lab. I didn’t realize hippies had such a high bounty on them.

We’re in the next scene and Abdul goes into some kind of bar and gets his briefcase stolen by some kid because he was forcing some guy who bumped into him drink a down a roach (the actual bug) that he killed and placed in a drink. I felt strangely amused. So he goes chasing after him and fails hard. Nothing special happening yet but at least its keeping my interest and this episode is flowing more smoothly than the first one.

So, the kid goes to a pet shop and tries to sell them what’s inside the briefcase, when all of a sudden:

Spike is there. He’s like a ghost, he comes out of nowhere, right to wherever the target is, and then get’s them killed. Unfortunately for him though this time he’s caught the wrong person with the right briefcase.

He pulls a gun to his head, and forces the owner to open it and turns out it’s a dog. A dog inside a briefcase. I had a joke to go with this, but I forgot what it was and I doubt it was funny anyway.

When Spike saw that it was just a Corgi inside the briefcase, he decides that this isn’t what or who he’s looking for. Especially since the Corgi isn’t worth any money. However, upon leaving Abdul runs into the same shop, pulls out a gun to the same kid- and as he reaches over to grab the Corgi…it attacks him. So, the Corgi runs away, Abdul goes chasing it, then two scientists come with some kind of garbage truck to chase after them and then goes Spike. From the entire chase scene, I found it kind of funny that Abdul jumped over a table where people were playing some kind of checkers game, and Spike just ran straight into the table, he didn’t even care. I love this guy. Oh and once again, this show has proved to have an amazing soundtrack. Even when the songs don’t seem to fit with what’s occurring, they still emphasize what’s happening. Spike catches Abdul on a bridge and they have a short fight scene before the dog jumps off the bridge and into a boat. They both jump after it, Abdul jumping first; and the dog jumps past Abdul and onto Spike. Looks like Abdul got away. Pretty lack-luster for this fight scene considering that you don’t actually see them fight, you just know they are fighting.

Jet has decided to take the dog into the Bebop home. I don’t see how that could be a good idea with Spike around. ‘Hey, we don’t have any money. Let’s get a pet!’

Another great short scene, two kids are fishing in that little river that Spike and Abdul jumped into, and one of them hooks Abdul with his line, and Abdul comes out of the water and scares the hell out of them. It doesn’t sound that great, but it looks great in the show. He does say “Just two more hours” after asking what time it is to one of the kids, so apparently something’s going to happen in two hours. Maybe Abdul will have to get back to work and do that Woodstock reenactment he signed up for.

Jet comes up with a plan to catch Abdul where Spike is to walk the dog around the city while Jet has a collar on it that can trace the dog’s position. They don’t really explain the plan so I’m guessing they are just hoping that Abdul will see them and either Spike will beat him up then, or beat him up after when they go to his house after he’s taken the dog. Perhaps they’ll take turns beating him, have themselves an old-fashioned punch shuffle. Give him the old Ali special, 1, 2, 1, 2.

So the scientists are now back in their vehicle, and they say they’re going to have to use the dog whistle to try and get the dog back. So apparently the dog is worth something, just not on the outside. The dog whistle attracts dogs all over the city, and now they are all chasing the truck, including the Corgi. Luckily Spike gets to say another one of his laid back lines before it happens:

“Well, here’s another great moment in the legend of Spike, famous Bounty Hunter and dog walker.”

While Spike is chasing after the dogs by foot, Abdul decides to crash a wedding and steal the car the married couple was about to drive off in, but not before punching the groom. Abdul almost hits Spike with the car, and then grabs the Corgi. Somehow Spike is back in his mini-ship after almost being hit by Abdul.

That doesn’t really make much sense to me, in the previous scene it looked like Spike had parked his ship in some kind of lot, and from what just happened, he had been walking around the city, and had just chased the dog way out of his way and now somehow he’s back in his ship? Seems a bit off.

Anyway, Abdul starts the chase down a highway which is highly elevated over water, and the dog jumps out of the car and begins falling. Spike makes the quick decision to go get the dog, but not before stating that he hates pets, which he said before when Jet decided to keep the dog. He also said he hates children too. Makes sense, given that his personality is so laid back, he wouldn’t want to have something around he’d have to actually take care of. After the dog jumps out of the car, Abdul loses control of the vehicle and drives off the highway, and down towards the ground.

Screen skips to the next scene where Spikes watching TV again back on the Bebop. Turns out that when Abdul drove off the highway, he crashed into police cars and survived. He ended up being arrested, as well as the scientists who were after him because they were apparently doing experiments illegally. Once again Spike has lost his bounty though, but they’ve kept the dog on the ship. Apparently it’s a “data dog” and is worth millions, but they don’t seem to be planning on selling it. Spike obviously doesn’t want to keep it around and again shows off his brilliance again when Jet tells him the dog has fleas and he offers that they salt the dog and eat it.

Overall, the episode was great. This one flowed smoothly and kept me into it the entire time, and other than the small scene with Spike suddenly appearing in his ship, it all made sense. Again it showcased its amazing soundtrack and what was better was that it felt like only five minutes had passed for the whole episode to end, I was just THAT into it. 5/5


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